March of the End Days-Multi-System (MtA, GtS-E, VtR, WtF, CtL)

Ghosts, Grenades, Vampires, and a Monkey

or ten!

The group is still trying to climb a mountain of rubble but a Flash light from one of the patrol groups approaches. Kira quickly actives one of her powers to mask her presence, while Vivi covers the flash light in darkness, after fiddling with the non working flash light for a minute the vampire holding it says screw it and orders the others in his group to take point using some power, as they pass they didn’t notice us. However they do find someone a little ways away and quickly dispose of them with a few gun shots and continue on. After they leave Vivi asks Elizabeth and Frodo to assist in holding Kira down and keeping her quite, while Vivi begins to absorb Kiras Pain and wounds to witch Kira flails and wimpers. While this is going on Ed begins to look around from atop the rubble for survivors in the village but only see the enemy vampires setting up camp with their commander atop the flaming horse patrolling the camp. As Ed looks toward the dam he notices movement among the rubble and heads over, he finds the female Nosferatu that wished to speak with us cowering in the rubble, as Ed is speaking with her the bellhop from the hotel and his monkey side kick also come out of the rubble. The rest of the group move over to see what Ed found. As Ed is speaking with the village elder he figures out that she is not an Elder in the tradition sense she is no older a Nosferatu then Ed is, she asks Ed for help in getting out of this place and Ed replies that the group is willing to help in exchange for finding this spirit to which she replies that during construction of this dam many people died and were buried within the walls of concrete. Ed then turns to Kira noticing her ghostly friend and asks if she can help to locate this spirt they seek. Kira then has a brief exchange with her companion to which Vivi responds “Talking to yourself is a bad sign” with a smirk and walks down the rubble. After a few seconds of concentration Kira has located the spirit of friend of Bear and informs the group on which direction to proceed.The group then begins to stealthily climb the rubble “hills” using Eds rope for an easier climb. While climbing the first hill Vivi and Elizabeth are very noisy, alerting the next patrol, as the group climbs Vivi bringing up the rear stumbles on the loose rubble and falls face first but then climbs to her feet and quickly reaches the top. When Vivi reaches the top the next patrol casts there flash light over the rubble and spot Vivi who could not hide quick enough and open fire. After a few seconds of gun fire the patrol stops and yells" come out" to which Ed responds with a grenade that lands right in the middle of the vampire patrol wiping them out in a single blast. Ed and Kira then quickly head down to gather what they can Ed finds a gun and gives it to Ax to replace the one he lost, meanwhile Vivi and Avesta who are still top the rubble notice all the flash lights of the patrol quickly turn and head toward the group. The group then continue the climb on the next “hill” Ed secures the rope atop the next rubble pile and the group begins to climb Avesta is very noisy on this hill and Vivi again slipping on the rubble alerts another patrol only one member heads over to the group finds nothing and rejoins his companions. Vivi again tries to climb up but cant do it so Ed pulls her up with the rope, Ed then goes to secure the rope on the last rubble pile and the group begins to climb it, Kira decides to go up last and nosily falls over. alerting yet another patrol. The patrol comes over scans quickly over the rubble finds nothing then leaves, once Kira makes it to the top Ed and her see the spirits of the dead gathering around a fire of sorts Kira heads over to speak with them to which they stop what they are doing and turn to face her.

How much time will the group have to locate the Spirit?
What could the invaders want?
Will the group be caught again?
or will the patrols finally learn how to search?
Will Kira have more to say then just “Hmm yeah”
or “Sure”?

Darkness Awaits


Hopefully we can find this body or whatever quickly and without any more patrol group “meetings”. Still though I wonder what the goal is of this invading army or sorts, or if we will have to deal with them be it good or bad at some point in the future.


Ok so I will talk to these spirits do my “thing” and BING BAM done. Just like that and we will be on our way.


Well at least we seem to have found the ghost’s bones we were looking for however it seems we have a new problem: how are we going to get these bones out?


Damn, you people are noisy. You might all notice that they didn’t spot me. I could smell them coming.
As for removing the bones, I can take care of that. Quietly I might add. No need of rexplosives Ed.
Once we get those, we can GTFO.
I miss my van. I swear, there had better not be anything wrong with her, or Avesta and I are going to have a problem.


…But I like explosives.

Forerunner093 Forerunner093

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