March of the End Days-Multi-System (MtA, GtS-E, VtR, WtF, CtL)

I was an adventurer like you...

Until I took an arrow to the, arm?

Kira with all her ghostly talents to no avail communicates with the 4 spirits. Ax on the other hand comes up right beside her and starts having a conversation like it was nothing. Ax recognize the masks they are wearing to be symbolic of different beasts. Frodo comes up behind Ax while he was having his nice conversation and hits him with this little sword. Vivian not amused standing in the back calls him over like a dog Frodo runs of wanting of a treat but getting nothing. Vivian’s cold heart strikes again leaving nothing in its wake but the suffering of others.

While Ax and the spirit he had been searching for talked. The other 3 looked at kira’s gheist in strange aw that upsets redmist. He tries to slap the closest one but is held back by a mysterious force.

Ax’s conversation takes a turn for the worst as rocks start shaking and shattering as the spirit is getting up set and just keeps on getting more and more so. No matter what Ax just can’t settle him down. But thanks to the quick wit of kira and the power of her sin eater powers she is able to force him to settle down and see reason.

This was the time when Ax is working his magic getting the concrete to puddy. The spirits stand near where they are latched to. Ax tells us about how they got buried alive. So we begin to work digging out the remains. Avesta though can seem to make a simple portal. We continue to work and wait till she finally succeeds at making a portal. OH NO here comes a patrol. Our adventures just make it out of that scrape by the skin of their noses now they need to go. Avesta makes a portal and they get all the bones of the 4 spirits through.

Ax starts getting the bones out of the concrete since a lot of it still is in there. And Kira Starts putting the bodies together singing to her self “The collar bones connected to the shoulder bone”

OH WAIT whats this Vivian got an arrow to the elbow but Ax and Kira were too into their work to notice.

Who are these people who attacked our adventures.
Will the party be OUT matched OUT gunned
Find out NEXT TIME!!


I got to get these bodies nice and neat together so i can lay them to rest.

I was an adventurer like you...

So what your saying is that if I leave suffering in my wake i shouldnt enjoy it? What else do I have left in this world we live in? Frankly if someone does my bidding then they should be content with whatever I deem worthy of a reward for them. :P
Now on to more important matters, I knew we couldnt trust this tribe of mongrels, once we did what they asked they turned on us. If we are not already surrounded they I suggest a hasty withdrawal, or if that is not an option perhaps these bodies we recovered can be better served as Hostages or maybe collateral would be more appropriate, well only time will tell. (p.s me thinks Kira needs to learn a few more languages or two in case we run into any other obscure old ghosts :P)

I was an adventurer like you...

Portals are not as simple as they seem mortal Kira. Let me see you try one! Yes I am mortal too but I enlightened. I am glad to get out of this neck of the woods and continue our main goal I was getting restless staying there so long without making progress.

I was an adventurer like you...

I’m not sure that these indians are a problem. We did just show up out of thin air. Hopefully, they will calm down when they realize who we are.

I was an adventurer like you...

and if not? we have an easily angered spirit friend I am not opposed to exploiting.

I was an adventurer like you...
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