March of the End Days-Multi-System (MtA, GtS-E, VtR, WtF, CtL)

Is there a doctor in the House??!

Or a blood spatter analyst?

Ed’s new friends decide to pay the cost and get hammered figuring that they will just throw it up in the morning like the good old days. Ax and Avesta are asleep having nice dreams.
Vivian goes outside and has a look around finding everything “abandoned” except for the wall with the 6 guards and heads back in and to the bar. in the bar Dahlia and Kira decide to join Ed in his drinking fun. Dahlia takes it easy with a nice simple beer but Kira decides to follow Ed and take 7 shots of increasingly flammable moonshine. Ed feels the effects of hindered perceptions and clouded thought but has no other ill effects. Kira immediately regrets this decision and feels her liver dissolving into a slimy paste. She vomits. Ax is awoken by the “escort” as she is beginning to steal his stuff and as soon as Ax catches her and she looks back she vanishes. outraged Ax marches to the bell hop and strangles his monkey seeing as he is not currently present. After letting go of the monkey it runs off screeching to fetch it’s master. Once he arrives Ax demands to get his items back. Baffled the bell hop denies any involvement in the theft and after flushing out some major and minor details heads off to get the all knowing elders. Ed and Kira have since fallen off their seats onto the floor( Kira puking again) and Vivian overhears a conversation about a virus of some sort that is infecting and killing kindred. Vivian worried about this ponders while the drinking buddies continue to laugh. as Ax makes his ruckus the bar friends join him and follow him as they head to the Elders. Avesta wakes and joins them just as the bellhop decides they need the elders. The bellhop and his monkey head up the stairs to the Elder’s mansion and ring the bell. After a full minute the head elder who sentenced Ed appears. the group explains and showing a great deal of anger the elder marches towards the inn. By the way Kira at this point cannot walk and is being pulled around carelessly by Frodo. upon entering the inn the Elder screams at an unfathomable volume calling his mages to him. they all enter the bellhops desk chamber and leave the group in the commons room where everyone is now muttering. the Elder can still be heard through the soundproof wall that the mages erected. the Elder emerges with trembling mages in tow and states “We have a serious problem, I think we have been infiltrated.” Kira miraculously through the drunken haze offers up her key saying she has yet to use it. the elder snatches it from her and marches off to the rooms telling Ax to check his for any clues they may have left behind. Vivian, Elizabeth and Ax head to his room while the elder and his mages, Ed, Avesta, Dahlia, and Frodo with Kira dragging behind head to Kira’s unopened room. the elder opens the door leaving the mages in the hall. Avesta, Ed, Dahlia, Frodo and Kira enter the room. The elder given direction by Avesta heads to the bathroom with the others right behind but what they find is an empty tub, dry, no candles, no flower petals, and no sexy hunk. Frodo has decided to parade around in a circle in the main room by the bed with Kira’s limp body. as Avesta and the elder investigate the tub, dahlia standing behind Ed who is shoulder to shoulder with elder man, feels a hand on her shoulder gentle as can be. Before she has a chance to turn around or respond she hears a calm melodious voice say “you are not worthy” and she experiences complete darkness as her life is ended in a silent explosion. A Dahlia slushy now coats and drips down the walls, ceiling, Ed, the elder, Kira, and the floor. no traces of fingernails, bones, hair, or clothing can be found but as Avesta and Ed investigate this paste that has suddenly appeared they realize Dahlia in no longer of this world. Meanwhile Frodo never missing a beat to his march is now squishing the Dahlia pudding into the rug and dragging Kira Through it giving her a nice even coating of muck.


So one of us is no more, Dahlia will be missed but this sort of thing is to be expected given how the world has become who knows if any of us will make to the end of this Journey. It is very troubling that a rouge faction of the mages is causing trouble, nothing worse then an out of control mage. Hopefully we can get this resolved before things get any worse or before we get dragged into something else.

Is there a doctor in the House??!

TO feel alive again and almost dead. Dahlia we will mourn later and I will put your soul to rest.

Is there a doctor in the House??!

Man… and to think it feels like just yesterday we were watching the gal make a meal of her domesticated house cat.

…You know I’m just gonna keep my mouth shut. Sounded much less creepy in my head.

Is there a doctor in the House??!

I’m glad we are on the same page. I know it sounds evil and uncaring, but I was not willing to abandon our current expedition to go avenge her.
My first priority is GETTING MY FUCKING GUN BACK.

Is there a doctor in the House??!

Well she made someone mad. On another note I wonder where exactly that fool came from and where he went. We have not found the people who snuck into our room either. I wonder what the elders will say to us now Or if we will finish our original quest.

Is there a doctor in the House??!
Forerunner093 Forerunner093

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