March of the End Days-Multi-System (MtA, GtS-E, VtR, WtF, CtL)

Law and Order NJU

Nosferatu Judgement Unit

We open on our heroes getting ready for the trial. Dahlia, Kira, and Frodo, our midget druggie, are sitting in the holding cell. Kira starts looking at ways to escape from the room she finds herself in. Inspecting the door, she discovers that the lock is not very secure, and dahlia decides to try and pick it, failing miserably. (She’s high, it makes sense) Elizabeth attempts the same thing (also high) and fails as well. Frodo the micro ninja hears the cheers and applause from the court arena and walks over towards the bars, squeezes through them like Mr Fantastic, then runs off.
Meanwhile, in the courtroom, Ed is standing in front of a council of 8 kindred 6 of which were ventrue.
He smiles at them grotesquely, and waits for questions.
The one leading the questioning, asks his name and purpose. Before he begins speaking a door bursts open and Frodo charges in telling him to continue and goes to center stage to perform his story. Ed gives his information, and begins speaking of his history.
[insert backstory]
The questioning vampire then asks who we are, and what our purpose is.
Ed tells him that we are venturing into this village in search of friend of bears. He tells him that we were sent by a tribe in Colorado to find his remains and return them to the people so that he may rest.
The vampire is not satisfied with this, and says begin sentencing.
A voice rises up from the crowd, and Jeremy Hunt makes his way to the front of the court room. Saying that the man on trial has not yet been given a chance to defend himself. And that he has witnesses on his behalf.
He turns to gesture towards them and stops in his tracks seeing Vivian.
Where have you been? He asks…
[insert back story]
Vivian then testifies on the natural habits of the Nosferatu.
The lead council member states that they will take this into consideration, and asks to hear the testimony from the others.
Trixie steps forward to give information on her story
[insert backstory]
The vampire asks what information she has to defend edward.
She claims that Ed was driven crazy by frodo’s antics and was unable to restrain himself.
You are dismissed says the vampire.
Next witness! Calls the vampire
Ax steps up, and gives his testimony [backstory] and then provides information on Ed’s character and how Frodo tends to be incredibly frustrating. Interrupting several times, Avesta, causing fury to build in the head councilman she is dismissed and escorted from the courtroom.
The Ventru councilman gives his verdict, saying that we are free, and being entertained by frodo’s court room story interpretive acting assigns Frodo to Ed’s side in hopes of cheering Ed up. If it is unsatisfactory, then they will send vamps after us.
Reunited, Frodo decides that dahlia needs more drugs to tell her story. Dahlia resists (mainly because Frodo sucks at drug pushing) but she agrees to tell her story
[insert backstory]
During the story Frodo starts crying, and Ed looks at him immensely pleased.
Frodo then looks at Kira and asks for her story.
She refuses, saying that she will tell it once we are all together again.
We then head back up the stairs towards our gear.
Frodo runs ahead, grabs Kira’s katana hopping around like Yoda with a lightsaber. He unintentionally cuts Vivian with the katana, dealing minor damage. A white mist starts filling the room; seeming to emanate from Vivian.
Vivi tries to dominate Kira into telling her story. Kira just shrugs off the mental attack, and then suffers a slice at the hands of ninja Frodo.
Everyone but Ed and Kira go outside so that they don’t get attacked.
Ed walks up to Frodo to stop his running and flailing. Performing exceptionally well, he grabs The sword with one hand, and grabs his hair with the other. Ed bites into frodo’s neck drinking deep his blood is nauseatingly sweet, but blood is blood, and Ed gets what he needs. From grabbing the sword, he takes a gash on the hand.
Ed then turns Frodo around and informs him that if he attacks the group again, that he would take the rest of his blood.
As the party inside starts to leave, one of the Nosferatu approaches and asks about the body that we are looking for. She says that she will have to speak with some of the elders who have been here for a long time.
“Will this be a meeting with Ventru company” “yes” she replies. And leaves.
The group decides to split up, some of them needing sleep. Ax, Trixie, and dahlia decide to go find a place to sleep.
The rest are going to look around the town for Fangtasia.
Ax asks one of the marketplace guys where he can find an inn. He is told there is one behind the manor.
And that’s where they head.
Meanwhile, the vamps start looking for a blood donor club of some sort.
They are able to find a vamp at a stall laden with ice chests.
The ice chests are filled with blood, and the overly enthusiastic salesman tries to get everyone to buy some blood.
Vivian and Ed buy a bag of blood. Cow and chicken respectively.
They trade for bullets and a flickering flashlight.
The vamp throws in an extra bag because the light flickers creepily
Elizabeth turns to Vivian and says “it’s almost time”
Kira nudges Vivian and winks. Liz turns and slaps Kira and says “I need sustenance!”

To be continued….


Sigh Kira always causing trouble she still owes me for that mug she broke >.<

Well regardless it seems Ed made it out with his unlife but having to deal with Frodo seems like just as bad of a punishment, but I think that calling a blood hunt on Ed is a little extreme I mean what real power does this group have? I suppose since we have no real idea Ed should tread carefully at least till we are back in NY. I just hope this Info will be worth all this trouble I guess only time will tell.

Law and Order NJU

Ed wouldn’t be the same if he stayed out of trouble. Now Frodo on the other hand? That scooby reference may come back to bite him in the ass growl
I just want to get the remains and GTFO before the vamps decide to find out just how much I know about the collapse of the dam.

Law and Order NJU

“You could live on it (reference to the apparently sickly sweet tasting midget) but it tastes terrible.

Personally I think we got off on the proposal of turning the group into a saturday morning Sitcom. It’d basically be the Hannah Barbara Power hour. Be like we mashed up Hong Kong Fooie, Josie and the Pussycats and Scooby Doo into one sweet show.

I mean come on, You’ve all seen the crap they pitch on the airwaves these days.

As for the collapse of the dam, you might not have to worry much. I mean yeah it’s a bitch that a multi million dollar power source is no longer in kindred hands but check this place out, they’re doing pretty savvy. With the vamps at the top of the pole it’s not too much of a stretch to think they’re probably pretty content at the way this foodchain worked out.

Speaking of food… I wish I could use mouth wash without vomiting. Gonna have that nasty taste in my mouth the rest of the night.

Law and Order NJU

Man I was the best witness ever I can’t believe they had the gall to kick me out. That was just so ridiculous! Also I am going to hurt Kira soon who knows how or when but hehe I certainly will get it done.
I can wait to find somewhere to rest up hmmm that memory trading sounds interesting if I could give up my families memories however I don’t know if I would want to do that because of all the fond memories I have.

Law and Order NJU
Forerunner093 Forerunner093

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