March of the End Days-Multi-System (MtA, GtS-E, VtR, WtF, CtL)

Pride and P-residence

The lowered guards

When we last left our party they were scattered about the town half looking for a place to sleep for the night and half tracking down a blood merchant. After meeting back up, the lot notices Elizabeth is eyeing Vivian longingly as the addictive quality of the blood pact starts to take it’s toll. Avesta hassles Liz in a crass format about the addiction, while Ed scoffs the mention and tells her to leave it be as everyone has their vices in the group. Frodo shortly meets back up with the party with a very changed note in personality looking at his feet seeming depressed and clinging to Eds side as if his child.

Shortly following, the party makes their way along following the drifting direction of people to an outhouse looking box. Avesta recognizes the box as a mage construct and cheerfully bops her way over. The party gets in line and while the rest of the lot doesn’t seem to have a problem with the direction, Ax isn’t having it. He begins to resist the flow of traffic before Kira starts to push him. The shoving leads into a disjointed chain which leads to several members of the party crashing through the doors in a comedic fashion. Avesta, shortly following, attacks kira with her familiar for not sharing her story and causing unneeded damage to the group because of it.

After entering the box, the interior looks quite a bit larger from the inside, bearing a similar resemblance to the Ritz. Ed begins looking around and wanders right off the bat into an Irish Pub looking environment. He takes a moment to sigh as a wave of nostalga hits him. Being a vampire, he can’t drink anymore. In the corner of the bar however, he spots a party of 9 nosferatu.

Meanwhile the rest of the party wanders off to track down lodging for the evening. After a moment of searching, they come upon a bellhop who informs the group that here, bartering is done with Dreams only. The group attempts to negotiate out of the trade, not wanting to dabble in memory loss, but are not successful.

Ed meanwhile has no problem exchanging bad memories as he happens to be in ample supply. For 10 drinks he opts to trade in exchange the previously ingrained memories of the slaughtered image of his wife, best friend and Sam’s two children. While he still remembers the lot is no longer alive (Or potentially in bev’s case could be alive) the specific memory of their corpses are gone forever. The Giant bar keep and his apprentice seal the trade and hand over a ridiculously heavy tray of glasses made entirely from stone. Ed takes the tray and manages it over to the lot of nosferatu to pick their brains about the flavor of the town… and to just drink in decent company.

Apparently, every sect of supernatural creature has it’s own job within the town. Changelings seem to be the hagglers and merchants, and geists, being the most rounded, tend to be spread in more varied positions. In general though, werewolves serve as labor force and day police, mages as jacks of all trade, building architects and logistics, and finally Vampires as night police with their elders as city government. The town was developed shortly after the fall of the Dam and due to the intense variety held within the walls, racism and bigotry are snuffed out quickly. More drinking antics continue as the topic of conversation begins to drift from politics to less formal matters.

Kira meanwhile does some wandering herself and finds herself in the red light district, where there happens to be several flavors of extremely good looking half naked “entertainers” taking up corners near doorways. He doesn’t spend long there before exiting and finding himself in the same pub Ed’s in. Looking around he notices Frodo juggling bottles of liquor with the Barkeep’s apprentice and Ed laughing and carrying on in a bolsterous format with the other nosferatu. Looking in one corner of the room he sees a lone fellow geist having a glass of water, an old man being pressured on by his ghost for something more fun and entertaining. Kira’s ghost mentions that the old man doesn’t look long for this world and mutters something about putting the geezer out of his misery. Kira brushes off the mention and goes to order a drink but being overwhelmed with choices ends up with a cup of tea.

Meanwhile having received each of the party member’s respective rooms, they settle down in their digs and relax a bit. Some gave up their most precious dream others are waiting until morning to “pay” Entering each of the rooms gives off a lovely feel of freshness that is uncommon in the waking world. Each room is customized to the needs of the key owners including a second bed in vivi and Liz’s room. Relaxing is put aside however as noise extends from the bathrooms of each of the rooms. Looking into the matter, the party finds people in each of their respective rooms! Naked people no less! Who have been apparently placed there for the party’s entertainment! El Gasp! Awkward introductions are carried out and after some less than clean washroom chit chat the various members of the party either decide to join the bath or leave it be.

While Vivian isn’t interested being a dead person, she allows Liz to have her fun.

Trixie dismisses the escort wanting nothing to do with it.

Ax joins in.

(insert rest of party’s actions here)

And for once in a long while, the party allows themselves to take a spot of respite for the first time in too long.


“Yeah I get it, I’m the dick of the party.

I’m the big stoic action movie stereotype who mutters nothing but one liners as he breaks people’s noses for varying degrees of indecency. Trust me, I get it but I wasn’t always this cliche.

There are points in life… erm, existence, where nostalgia kicks you in the face. Considering that, walking into that bar was a doosy. Back even before I deployed I often spent too much time in bars. Hell, I spent my time there well before I was of age to do so. Always just enjoyed the ambiance, the lively air, the fact that there was always something going on, how you could just talk to strangers and drink with friends you never met. How easy it was to meet people and how folk generally left behind their corruption at the doorstep. After I got back from Iraq, dives became about the only place I could calm down before I met Bev.

Christ I miss her…

So I’m standing in that pub, bringing myself down with the thought that all of this novelty is for not since I can’t drink anymore. When I spy out of the corner of my eye a troupe of Nosferatu. They seem decently lively, having a good time and just for a moment I let myself wonder.

So I pop over to the barkeep, order up ten drinks and he tells me that he strictly barters in memories. Good ones and bad ones. So I’m standing there thinkin’ with the number of downer thought bubbles in my noggin, I must be the richest git alive. When he tells me I can choose which memories I give up, I feel like it’s almost Christmas. I don’t even think about it, I offer up the image of Bev with a bullet in her forehead, Sam with his throat slit and the two kids who I won’t even bother mentioning their fate.

The giant barkeep sets this thing on my head and makes a crack about my skin condition. Then without pomp or circumstance… they’re gone. I mean I still know their dead but, I can’t dredge that last horror up at all. The memory is just gone. It doesn’t haunt, it doesn’t dig into my lobe like a rusted nail and for the first time in three years… I feel truly free.

So on a happy high, I strut my cheery ass over to the Nossie bunch and introduce myself. Decent lot of folk, though one of em had a voice that was more befitting of a muppet. But hell, for the first time in years it felt like I wasn’t a freak. That I wasn’t a monster, and that’s a feeling that’s been around a hell of a lot longer than before I got bit. We just talked and drank and laughed and felt legitimately human. First time in too god damn long.

It’s funny how baggage just piles up, and how the stupidest things ease the burden…"

Pride and P-residence

Well Seeing as we now have a place to relax and unwind for now I think a little sightseeing is in order it seems that this “Inn” has quite a few amenities, I mean I have no reason to “turn in” right now so knowing the lay of the land would be useful. As for the entertainment in the rooms it would have been fun, had such desires not been lost along with my life, but in either case I just hope Elizabeth gets some sleep tonight as she is more important to me during the day when I am unable to do anything >.< then at night. As for this town it is interesting though I would not like to “live” here though I feel there is more at work here then what is shown to us, which could be a problem. With Kindred in charge you always need to be weary of hidden agendas, we do have a lot of time on our hands given our unlifespans, and we tend to get bored easily with all that time :P. Just have to finish this task then we can get to more important tasks.

Pride and P-residence

Y’all can run around all night for all I care. I’m going to enjoy this escort and get some shut eye.
First off, she gives me a nice hot bath. Then towels me dry.
Once we hit the bed, I take full advantage of my situation. Finishing up doggy style (go figure right?) we then cuddle together, her scratching my head until I fall asleep.

Pride and P-residence

I am glad I didn’t partake the offerings I am still thinking of my family. I enjoy prodding Elizabeth but perhaps I shouldn’t haha

Pride and P-residence
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