March of the End Days-Multi-System (MtA, GtS-E, VtR, WtF, CtL)

King of the Hill

... And some awkward flirting.

So we are hiding in a ruble covered area trying to get away from our pursuers who are quickly coming closer. As we wait in despair for our chance to run, we are reminded of the night of Bev and the Evergreens’ murder. We are all filling out basic info on clip boards with a super busy police station full of distracting phone calls about a red flaming horse and a man in red riot gear with a large great sword claiming to be the horseman “War” of the apocalypse. We decide to run to save our lives remembering that as the gates we first entered through fell there was a red rider on a flaming steed leading the charge of goop covered ventrue. So we sneak to a wall and start to try to climb over it. Avesta fails at climbing and Frodo won’t let go of his charge. Vivian is quick and nimble and climbs right up. Frodo and Kira make it to the top eventually where Frodo manages to find time to flirt with Liz. Ed, ax, and Avesta are at the base as a flashlight beam creeps ever closer.


Well I hope that no one else knows what I had to write for the officer in my flash back. That would be interesting. I really don’t want the angry mob to catch up to me and turn me into bloody goo so I am eager to get out of here.

King of the Hill

Well hopefully Ed and Ax will make it out and we can regroup and decide on our next course of action. My guess is that we will have to try and get to some of the prisoners or find survivors that escaped as we still have not spoken with the nosferatu that had some information on our current quest.

King of the Hill
Forerunner093 Forerunner093

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