March of the End Days-Multi-System (MtA, GtS-E, VtR, WtF, CtL)

To Smite or Not to Smite...

This Isn't Really the Question.

Ax and Vivian look through Ax’s apartment. They find a syringe with some kind of chemical they also find a pretty bottle filled with something (they don’t know what).

Bloody room: Ed remembers that the person’s name that exploded Dahlia was Uriel. We question the elder as to who he was. He had never heard of the person before but Avesta remembers that Uriel is an angel from the bible. The elder starts to accuse us of bringing this upon his head and his village. Ed heatedly tells him that we had nothing to do with an attack on our own party and how dare he imply such. The elder Kindred heads toward the exit to have a discussion with the other elders about the new events.
Kira is still being dragged in circles through the blood by Frodo

Back to Ax and Vivian: Vivian figures that the syringe is a tranquilizer Ax takes a sniff and he recognizes the smell as one his grandfather used on wolves around his property when he would take the wolves out into the woods to purify them….. Ax sprays the bottle on a towel to smell it; it smells awful. They hear something outside of the room and Ax looks out to see blood along the hallway floor, ceiling, and walls and sees the elder rushing back to the commons. Ax pursues the elder. Vivian goes out into the hallway and into Kira’s room to see Frodo walking around in circles dragging a blood soaked Kira. We discuss what happened with Dahlia and Uriel. Ed tells frodo to drop Kira. Frodo lifts kira off his shoulder and drops her in the mess jumping to the bed to jump around like a child.
Ed tries to investigate and get any scent that he can.
Kira breathes in some of the gunk and starts chocking on it and pukes again.
Ed takes a sample of the blood and tries to fangle a magnifying device.
Frodo rummages through his pack producing a plastic “sting” sword, Gandalf beard, Sherlock hat and finally a magnifying glass and Ed takes it then Frodo gives him the Sherlock hat to make his investigations skills greater however it just makes him look goofy. Then Avesta comes out of the bathroom where she was looking around to see the craziness so she goes over to Kira and kicks her while asking her why she is throwing up again. Kira moans and then goes over to Ed and asks him why he is wearing the ridiculous hat and he points to Frodo. Frodo replies with “he’s my Watson.” Avesta says “so you’re second best to Frodo now eh”? Ed goes over atempting to punch Frodo. Frodo jumps out of the way and over the edge of the bed. Vivian assist Ed in his investigation and finally gives into Elizabeth’s nagging as she cuts her with a throwing weapon and drinks deeply. Vivian reveals information that she has about angel smiting. Ed gets an exceptional success and finds tiny bits of Dahlia, nails, hairs, and cloth fibers.

Ax is still chasing the elder down the hallway the elder disappears through the exit of the inn. Ax sees a bloody commons room and chaos abounding. The population seems to have decreased by thirty percent. He continues to chase the elder outside to the manner. Ax catches up with him and asks him to stop he does and Ax hands him the perfume bottle he found in the room and tells the elder it smells really bad the elder sprays it and it gets on Ax. The elder agrees and gives it back to Ax to present to the elders. The elder and Ax comes to a door the elder tells Ax not to speak and that he cannot guarantee Ax’s safety as they are going into a vampire den.

Group: Frodo pokes his head above the head holding onto the covers as he starts sliding off. He looks to the group with his Gandalf beard on and says “Fly you fools” before falling the the floor. Ed, Vivian, and Avesta leave the room to go to the mansion. We see Frodo run out into the hallway, slide into the wall, run back in and grab Kira, run back out into the hallway slamming against the wall and sprinting down the hall while carrying Kira. Frodo heals Kira again and then rings the bell at the Manor. The elder leaves Ax for a moment to come answer the door and we discuss the bottle of goop and the rooms. The elder tells us to keep quiet and for Ed and Vivian to follow him Avesta follows along as well. Frodo is left on the steps to watch over Kira. The room is pitch black Vivian activates night sight the elder tells the other vampires to calm themselves and that we have important information. Ax brings forth the vial and Vivian takes it to give to the vampires. Vivi notices that the elders also have some goop on them and there numbers are much fewer. As the Elders spray the bottle a few of us are sprayed with the foul smelling stuff. The vampires don’t really believe that it is angels. The vampires ask for our opinion and decide that there will be no more rooms only the commons area and he dismisses us as we head out Frodo bursts through the door and tells us the guard is being overrun. We all race to the courtyard. Ventrue vampires are attacking us. The elders tell everyone to go to the back gate and we all go. An old lady is trying to unlock the gate but drops the key then continues to try. Ax scrambles up the wall in desperation making over with little effort. Kira tries to stand and fails. Ed tries to break down the door and succeeds we all rush through. Ed gets an exceptional success to use the door as a weapon. As we leave we see the city crumble. Everyone takes a hiding spot among the rubble of the hoover dam and the overgrowth and refuse. Frodo helps hide Kira and Elizabeth hides Vivian away from searching parties. as they sit and listen the army starts moving through the rubble looking for survivors and killing those they find.


Well looking back i wish i had bought more blood packs when i had the chance. Well regardless things are moving forward we still have no information on that ghost we have to deal with and now we have kindred attacking. I do find it odd however that it is a whole group of venture, usually ventrue have the other bloodlines do the dirty work for their schemes, this does not bode well with me something big must be going on for the ventrue clan to move in such a fashion. Lastly it seems that some of us are not able to function in the approaching day hopefully the others can figure something out or at least find our target during that time.

To Smite or Not to Smite...

I think Frodo is a dung head but at least he had the sence to tell us the attackers were coming. I am hiding in a lame bush anf I’m sure we will get caught so close to the enemy. It seems suspicious that the attack is coming in the heels of Dahlias demise.

To Smite or Not to Smite...
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