March of the End Days-Multi-System (MtA, GtS-E, VtR, WtF, CtL)

Hot Tea and Hotter Clues

In the wake of the nightmare the party slowly begins to come to the realization that things are not as they appear. Slowly, various members of the party come to the realization that the lot of them have completely lost track of the last month of their lives. While the entire scope of how much has been effected since the characters last awoke has not been discovered, each of them have come to the understanding that something isn’t quite right.

Edward, upon waking up finds his Wife Beverly missing and a note on the counter reading: “Gone out, phone’s about to die. If you need me call Kitty.” The part that catches his eye however is the date on the note, 12/23 as it lists a date a month prior to what his phone seems to read 1/23. A layer of dust on the paper confirms the entry. Ed Spares little time sending a phone call out to his sister in Law.

Kitty, following the horror of the dream is met by a investigator from the NYPD, Officer Miles Brandole, who questions her on the missing persons report of her sister. A report that she had been completely unresponsive to the prospect of assisting the department including today. After just enough questions to leave the details more hazy than what they began at, the detective leaves the woman his card. Kitty follows the meeting by attempting to retrace the dream, only to find that recollecting it is overwhelming. A flood of a headache surges into her mind and she passes out.

Naturally, Ed’s call never connects. Seeing a reoccurring theme here, the unemployed bartender moves to check the call logs of his phone. He notices that several calls have been missed on a daily basis from his battle buddy, Sam. Ed decides to give the man a call.

Trixie on the other hand wakes up to a life that hasn’t seemed to slow down with her lack of coherency. Coming to on her end, Her husband Samuel Evergreen is shocked by her apparent new found awareness. After a talk she discovers that ever since going to a play about a month ago, she has been completely out of the ordinary. She sleeps all the time, she had completely disregarded the kids (Actually forgetting about them and leaving them at daycare one time) and when placed in couples therapy she is completely unresponsive to the counselor. Sam and Ed catch up for a moment and compare symptoms, nothing in detail but enough to change Mr. Evergreen’s thoughts that his wife’s condition was faked (Or blown out of proportion). While revealing, neither party had any knowledge of where Beverly Hammond might have vanished to.

Shortly following the discussion with Sam, Ed’s phone rings once more. Kitty, all the while had since come to from her fainting spell and noticed the latest call on her phone. The two don’t compare notes as to their condition and keep the conversation based around the missing Beverly. Apparently the last Kitty can recall, Beverly had opted out of going to see a showing of the Broadway “Wicked” the month before and instead opted Ed to go in her place. While Kitty did not know anything as to Beverly’s whereabouts, she brings Ed up to speed that the girl had been missing for the last month. She also informs him about the others who tagged along to the showing.

One name in particular caught Ed’s memory. “Ax” Ironwood, a mechanic who had done some work on his Jeep a few months before. Ed gives a call to the mechanic, not entirely realizing it’s 3 AM. Strangely enough, the mechanic picks up. While nothing is conveyed about the nature of the pair’s condition or Beverly, introductions are made and a meet up is scheduled later in the day for some work on the jeep. After inspecting the Jeep, the gas meter had been filled and all fluids topped off (A noted change from the last time he had recalled driving it). Looking between the seats revealed an envelope that had been placed there by an unknown party.

While other events did occur in the branches of other characters, It mainly involved the incredibly detailed event of making tea.

In conclusion the following is understood:

The characters have been in a sort of zombie mode since seeing the Broadway “Wicked”. While nothing can be remembered about the play proper, the characters can remember that something wasn’t as it seemed about the performance.

Beverly Hammond is missing, and has been for the last month. A missing person report had been filed several weeks before.

Any recollection of the dream is met with dread, pain, and bashing damage. It’s not pleasant to recall.

Vala Chambers can not successfully drink tea.


I am curious about something, We’ve all been out for about a month. Some of us are living alone and don’t have an external person assisting in financial aspects of day to day life while we’ve been out of touch. Have bills lapsed? Like phone, Rent, water, power, etc? Be interesting to check into as some people cover bills on a month to month basis rather than run them direct deposit.

I agree with JD’s mention (Made on the previous post as I was dumb this week and didn’t get the update till the night of) and Ed’s planning on using the meet up with him and Ax to get a better hold on what’s all going on. He wasn’t just gonna go “Hey I just had a crazy dream and I’ve been a zombie for the last month. Wanna hang out?” I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think that would have gone over well.

While nothing has really been established considering the point, I find myself playing the character as having gone through lapses of memory before through PTSD after coming back from Iraq. While nothing ever this extreme, I imagine Ed treating this situation in the same light as the events of when he came back from overseas the first time. Memory loss often in the phase of PTSD occurs often in junction with bouts of brain injuries incurred after trauma (Concussions had after blasts at the like). Considering Ed was involved in one that not only left him with injuries but also facial damage, it’s not out of the question to think he might have had some bouts with trauma based memory loss in the past.

Considering that, along with loosing his wife, he’s probably high strung as hell right now. He’s likely going to be very paranoid.

Hot Tea and Hotter Clues
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