March of the End Days-Multi-System (MtA, GtS-E, VtR, WtF, CtL)

We smokum peace pipe

hey how are you, hey how are you?

As we return to our heroes, Ax is busy deboning clay, Kira is arranging the the skeletons, and Vivian is quietly bleeding for the arrow.
Our guys hear the sound from a tree, and Ed runs over to the tree, uprooting and body slamming it.
Frodo falls out of the tree and runs over to Vivian pulling out the arrow. Elizabeth pulls out knives and throws them at Frodo, nailing him in the face. And Vivian punches him. Frodo cries and holds up the arrow showing that it has a suction cup. He runs off into the woods crying.
Avesta holds up a stone embedded in the concrete, and asks Ax to remove it for her. Ax says he can’t right now because the time is up and the concrete is solid again. She tries to persuade him, and he laughs it off, grabbing her ass before she walks away.
One of the tent flaps opens and the chief comes out, asking why Ed is destroying the tree. “Would you believe it shot an arrow at me?” Ed asks. “No” he replies. Ed shrugs, and goes back to the tree.
The chief thanks us for the help, and promises to give us the information we asked for if we follow him deeper into the forest.
Avesta grabs a pick axe form the pile of tools, and heads off to the woods.
Ed grabs the hoe that Avesta dropped and throws away his tree trunk.
The team follows the chief into the woods at an incredibly sssslllloooowww pace.
Avesta decides to stop and try to excavate the gem from the concrete but fails miserably. With a cry of frustration, she rolls around the on the ground.
The group comes across Frodo and Elizabeth, Frodo is crying, and Elizabeth is pretending to console him, waiting for the chance to get her knife back. Eventually, opportunity strikes and she pulls it from his face, and the wound starts to close.
Avesta again tries to free her stone, successfully breaking off a piece.
A big tent comes in to view, with steam coming out of the roof. Kira tries to push him faster. She fails because as we know, Big Chief strong like Bull.
The group enters the tent, and sits themselves down.
The tent has a big fire pit, with 8 seats, each holding a pipe.
Avesta holds up one of the pipes asking if she can keep it.
The chief says no, they belong to the tribe.
She says, well I did something for your tribe
And he retorts with “you were just the transportation”
He moves about the room, lighting pipes, and as we puff on them, we find ourselves transported to a strange land. Odd trees, erratic sun, etc. A scream resounds, and we turn to look.
There is a hedge, and we see a woman being dragged off by a blue rose. We recognize the woman as Bev, and we follow her. the scenery changes, and suddenly there is stone architecture in front of us. There are stairways going all about, (think of the Escher painting and you will have an idea) the people are various oddities from bull shapes to humanoids.
We follow the girl, and as we attempt to take the stairs, our vision changes again and Vivian falls, landing on her butt.
We now occupy a room with the rose and a sexy He Man.
The rose hands off Bev, and leaves. Ax follows HeMan. Kira tries to touch the rose and her hand passes through her as she turns to smoke.
The next room has HeMan and Bev, who is now wearing a Wedding gown, and her facial features have taken on an elvish quality. The third person in the room is reading a book in a strange language as Bev and the HeMan kiss.

To be continued…


Questions and more questions you would think that maybe once just once we would actually get some answers. :P well maybe next time.

I figure that we will need to locate and or deal with them at some point the question is which to start with and how to find them. Well one thing we know for sure is the Bev is alive, but what will come of it given how Ed is no longer among the living their reunion might be bitter sweet and no doubt sad. Well that is for Ed to deal with and it will be awhile till we reach that point so no other option then to stay the course and press forward.

We smokum peace pipe

OLD man made of some strong stuff.

We smokum peace pipe

We are not sure that Beth is alive. You guys may not be familiar with a tradition like this, but it’s not real. The hallucinations may be vivid, but that does not make them reality. Remember, we saw her dead. I’d believe that before I believe that a sweat lodge vision is correct.

We smokum peace pipe
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