Beverly Hamond

Edward Hamond's wife and Dahlia Valentine's older sister


Beverly left home as soon as possible to escape her parents nagging. She went to New York to get a degree in crime scene investigation. While she was getting her degree she started work at a local bar. She also became in security cracking and took a minor in computer programming. She did very well in all of her classes and soon started getting offers from different agencies willing to take her on after graduation. During the last semester of school she ended up having a scarred young man start up at the bar she worked at they soon started seeing each other outside of work. They soon married and Beverly graduated shortly after. As she was putting applications in to the different stations and departments she continued work at the bar. A few days before she got her first interview a rowdy customer at the bar slapped her across the face for refusing a sexual advance. Edward dove across the counter and attacked the man viciously. Edward was thrown into a holding cell a few days later by Neil Richards and released immediately after. Beverly became depressed that she wasn’t the one to save her own husband. She was Kidnapped by Neil Richards and the party found her in his suite with 2 bullet wounds she was pronounced dead at the scene