March of the End Days-Multi-System (MtA, GtS-E, VtR, WtF, CtL)

A Grave Misuderstanding
Or A Very Very Silly One

After the group had finished their swim they looked around the river banks and saw what appeared to be a outpost of sorts complete with guards patrolling the walls. Leading the charge Kira begins to sneak over to the outpost and the group follows in suit with the exception of Ed who feels that a nice climb would be better, and Ax who distanced himself form the group a little in case things went sour. As the group moves forward Avesta who cant seem to figure what the others are doing or how they are doing it " :P " tries to use a spell to try and blend in is spotted almost instantly. The guards yell at her to identify herself and she does luckily they let her in rather then question her more, at which point Ax rushes ahead to try and get in as well before the door is closed. When the rest of the group gets up to the wall they begin to make noise which attracts the guards, and Dahlia begins to try and bargain her way in which works or at least seems to, just then Ed who managed to climb up the edge of the wall is spotted, which in turn causes the guards to halt opening the door. Ed climbs up on to the wall fixes his tie says “Avon calling” then grabs the nearest guards gun crushes it and uses said guard as a shield. While this is happening Dahlia tries to get the guards attention again to no avail, so Vivi calls over to a guard and commands him to open the door. Avesta on the other hand is going around asking about the werewolf chieftain with no success, Ed at this point is trying to intimidate the other guard even using Nightmare to get is point across more so which fails as it seems that this village is ruled by Kindred.
The party begins to relax more at this point as they have gotten inside and the village Elders are being summoned, Dahlia and Elizabeth are looking around the stalls with Frodo near by, who then offers them some interesting blue power which they both partake of, the Elders arrive to greet the party save for the three who are in their own little worlds at this point. One heads up to Ed while the other two talk to the others, Ed recognizes the first Elder as a member of the Nosferatu clan and as someone he met before. It is then revealed that due to Ed’s action he will be put on trial and the rest of us will be put under house arrest while his trial is on going, so we were escorted to a rather large mansion of sorts and shown to the basement where the trial will be taking place. The party was asked to relinquish all weapons which almost everyone did except for Kira who then was advised to leaver her katana behind which she did and the group headed down the dark hall of what appeared to be catacombs. They were then placed in separate rooms. Ed is told to wait for the members of the council to arrive, meanwhile the others are offered the chance to be witnesses in Ed’s trial to which Vivi, Avesta, and Ax agree to do so, the others are asked to wait here, they are gathered up and shown to the trial chamber. Upon arrival most of the group notice that most of the council are Ventrue, most of the audience however seem to be all sorts of supernatural creatures, and with that the trial of Edward Deadwood begins.

How will the party get out of this?
Will Ed be getting some sun soon?
Or will he be forever chained in darkness?
Will the group ever be able to find Neil?
Will Phoenix Wright show up to defend Ed?

Embrace the Darkness

Next Episode Turnabout Deadwood

spiders? Spiders!? SPIIIIDEEEERRRS!!!!
Vivian's Worst Nightmare.

As the group of disheartened rascals exited the doorway of the tent the venom spell wore off revealing the African woman staring at each of them in turn. At first they couldn’t tell who was upside down but as she cut through the silken cocoons they began falling slowly back to the floor of the hut and she moved on to the next member. As she moved from person to person her abdomen hung above her releasing a thin strand of wed from which she hung inverted. She uses her four giant arachnid legs to strafe through the air grabbing onto the almost invisible threads of spider silk and gracefully pulling herself along using her third and fourth arms to grasp the members still wrapped in cocoons. When she cuts through and frees Vivian she notices all the itchy bumps on her arms and exposed skin as well as a few of the eight legged injectors scattering out of and over her cloths and skin. In danger of losing her mind and screaming like the child she once was she composes herself and slinks back away from the spider woman hybrid to a dark corner while she swipes and shakes the spiderlings off. As Kaltash gets to Ed’s cocoon in time for him to open his eyes to her chitinous smile and clicking whisper of a greeting she says with a sigh of relief and disapointment,
“Ah, and here I thought with the struggle you put up I was gonna have a decent meal.” She begins cutting through the cocoon as she explains,
“Shawn wanted me to make sure you still held onto at least a strand of humanity and didn’t lack commitment or ingenuity. I was gonna eat anyone who didn’t wake seeing as how they lacked the bravery to jump into the unknown. I am sorry I had to deceive you and do it this way but as Shawn assured me I would go hungry here I am before you watching such delicious morsels walk away from the dinner plate. before you go shawn wanted me to give you these.” She scuttles over to the glass case with the ceremonial knives returning the one in her hand to it’s place and hitting a concealed button. as the glass case lowers into the floor she morphs shape losing her second set of legs and shrinking down considerably in size. Now with her abdomen hanging behind her as the ants have from “a bug’s life” or “Antz” she loses some of the chitinous features across her body only remaining in the fashion of a Japanese female Warrior’s outfit, more bikini than clothes. Now as she waits behind the counter watching the party with her four eyes and her split jaw a wooden crate rises from the hole where the glass one disappeared. Once the wooden crate comes to a stop she explains that Shawn, being as old as he is,
“He has been working with a few groups of supernaturals since “The Rush” particularly a sect of mages associated with the Adamantine Arrow on a viable way to find or make ammunition for a number of the few remaining firearms one might find from the decimated military personnel. this is their latest models for the weapons you were last known to carry."
she hands out each one to their respective owners, Elizabeth taking Vivian’s for her and handing it over to her almost too eagerly. She then explained the Magic behind them and their limitations and benefits.
“Well that’s all, you have your location, your toys, and maybe a bit more confidence. The rest is up to you come back again sometime!” she says as she morphs back into her now naked human form waving at Ed and giving him a wink.
Outside the hut the group discusses how to get to the location ultimately deciding that Avesta should make a portal and leave the van here as an anchor point to get back quickly. agreeing, some members begrudgingly, Avesta first scouts the area with a scrying spell much like a small portal to peak through. What she sees is stereotypical and surprising. There are several young men dressed in native american attire chanting and dancing around a fire. As she continues watching she sees an older man dressed in a feathered headdress and intricately beaded shirt. after watching him perform a sort of speech in a language she can’t understand, a masked figure appears immediately before her blocking her view, annoyed by his or her rudeness she closes the scrying window and creates a portal to the edge of the clearing she scryed. Ed grabs the small but largely annoying Frodo and tosses him through the portal like a sack of potatoes following immediately to she him tumble and land in a sitting position. After everyone is through The party takes up hiding positions, but not before Frodo quotes Bilbo in his 2012 movie the hobbit about not being seen if they don’t want to be. Avesta the odd woman out crunches around and shakes some bushes thinking she is hidden and Ed says something under his breath to which Frodo pipes up rather loudly,
“I heard that”
It isn’t too long before the chief addresses the party to reveal themselves to which they get right down to business asking about the coveted information. The chief says
“I will only let one leave with the information and it is only because he is kin but first you must bring me the bow of Friend to Bears and put his spirit to rest. Only then will I allow you to take the information from this clearing.”
He then explains that the remains of Friend to Bears is buried under several tons of concrete known formerly as the Hoover Dam. Knowing the location from a previous family trip Avesta has an easier time of making the portal to their destination. Despite that she can’t quite get the portal open on the first try perhaps distracted by the family that she will never see again. the party warms themselves by the fire and just hang out until Avesta can get it together. During the wait Ed and Frodo strike up a conversation where Frodo determines he needs a snack, pulling a bright blue orange from his pack he bites into it releasing a bright green fruity flesh and the aroma of rotting meat. Ed studying him as he does this notices his pupils dilate. Frodo continues to munch on his fruit vegetable thing as Ed talks about his annoying nature and as if on Que he starts running at high speed around Ed and the campfire. he tosses the “core” of the fruit into the fire creating a bright green flash as Ed reaches out nabs the speedster and hogties him throwing him over his shoulder like a rucksack. Making sure to gag Frodo with a portion of the rope and the hogtie when Avesta after attempting several times during the wait succeeds with her portal. The group moves through without so much as a goodbye or “we’ll be back”. Ed, being the first in line steps through and falls a short distance finding himself in a deep stream of water up to his chest. After six more splashes the group moves toward the nearest bank losing two of the members to the pull of the water. Avesta and Elizabeth try their best to swim to the bank but just ca’t seem to make any progress. Ed and Kira consider using Frodo as a life saver but ultimately decide not to. Ed jumps into the stream once more and catches up swiftly, he then grabs the two women and hoists them onto his shoulders weighing him down to the stream bed and allowing him to walk easily against the current. they arrive on the bank and Ed drops both onto the hard packed earth with a wet splat.

The Good, The Weird, And The Ugly

Our wayward travelers all receive similar tips that they would get closer to what they are after. All their trails led to the same location.

Ax As you pass the city limits you can see several fire barrels on the sidewalks and middle of the street. There are a few dogs in the distance scrounging through trash for a bite to eat, as you approach 2021 Lincoln Ave. you notice a tall man step out from behind a building to the left. The man takes a look at you and even though he is at least a foot taller and well-built he hangs his head, pulls his coat closer and ducks back to where he exited looking rather frightened by your presence, Not being one to keep Johnathan Stonecreek waiting and getting close to being late you proceed forward to the cellar door and wrench it open. Descending the stairs you hear the doors shut behind, plunging you into darkness before you see the faint glow of candles and continue inward.

Dahlia As you peek out from the bushes you see the house where the address has led you. Plastic bags and glass bottles blow down the street but otherwise are silent. As you step out of the bush toward the cellar doors an old lady in a tattered nighty runs past you and as she gets to you she yelps in fear and continues her sprint now angling away from your presence. You aren’t sure whether she was human or supernatural but she is much too far to worry about now. As you approach the doors you see a slight flickering from the crack between the doors. When you tear the doors open the light seems to have all but vanished until you enter the cellar and see the light at the bottom

Deadward Waiting, in the past it seemed like there were better things to do but now it seems so insignificant, Immortality is a funny thing you think as the wind blows through the abandoned house above, In the distance you can hear a meal barking and fighting with other dishes if the sun wasn’t out you might have ventured up for a quick bite. As you are thinking this you hear the cellar doors creek open and a voice call down “Heeeeeeeeeres Johnny”. You look to your and grab a candle and hear the doors close maybe 4 minutes pass when they open again and you light the candle thinking “Finally, some good company”

Kira huff huff huff “Let’s go already I wanna have some fun” he says as you peek around a corner at the house ahead 5:00 pm is what it said, looking at your Watch you see it is 4:58 pm and it’s time to go. “Alright, alright, we’re going ya leech,” “I prefer parasite, after all I am a red tide Huhuhuhu” As you step out from behind the building you hear a small child playing with a rusty toy truck from the ally you came from I didn’t see any kid earlier but that truck WAS here. As you look at him he stands up leaving the car where it is and he begins running to you “Whoa hold on there buddy” you say as he speeds right into you and then through you. When you turn back around to the street and the house the kid vanishes as if turning to phantasmal dust. “Well that makes it easy” you say “okay it’s time” “finally” the red tide says and you open the cellar doors and disappear below the earth.

Avesta You hear a quiet plip sound as you appear in the middle of the street at 2017 Lincoln Ave a few doors down from your intended target Close enough” you say to nobody in particular, That note was pretty clear where I needed to be you think as you begin walking towards the house, About a block away across the street a lanky man with long greasy hair is slamming a wooden plank against the corner of a house “Geeze poor house probably didn’t do anything in the first place” you say out loud quietly “Probably” It’s at this point, keeping a close eye on the person, or perhaps thing hitting the house, that you find the cellar doors amid the vines and leaves You whip out a spell and extinguish their existence along with the rusted out lock and latch and pull open the doors. Waiting at the top you see a light begin to grow brighter and enter to investigate.

Vivian “Hey Vivi?” you respond “Are you okay? It is awfully bright and you are wrapped up from head to toe in thick blankets but I still worry about you “I’m just a bit tired and as long as you are leading me we’ll be alright” You say to ease her nerves. “Okay here we are let me just get the doors open” Elizabeth lets go of your shoulders and you hear her grunting to pull them open mostly out of habit. In the same instance you hear what sounds like giggling coming from the cellar but dismiss it as Liz grabs your shoulders again and helps you step over the raised cellar and down the steps As you are descending the stairs she says, “Okay, hold right here, lemme get the doors” As the doors close with an audible bang you here again a voice as Liz grabs your shoulders and leads you further under as you take off the blankets. You could have sworn you heard the voice say, “May the odds be ever in your favor”

As you stand at the bottom of the stairwell, holding the candle that was passed to you, you try to look past the dark and gloom to the faces above each of the other candles. You look into the eyes and examine the details of each face and find relief and familiarity in each.
Before a word can be spoken from anyone, you here another voice, this one dripping with unfamiliarity say “Good it looks like we are all here; we can begin” And out of the shadows from a far corner of the cellar Shawn Fang appears exactly as you remember him. Dust rains down from above and footsteps can be heard doing something of a waltz on the ground floor of the house. Shawn stands ready to be assaulted with questions and even physical attacks.

At this location they met their old friend, Shen-Feng, he had information involving the nefarious Neil Richards and a rumor he had heard of a woman matching Bev’s description. The adventurers went off to see if the information was accurate not trusting him one bit. A little guy named Frodo, with what seemed to be an accent disorder, came to meet and show them the way.

Our group of travelers made it to what looked to be a small hut in a forest. They got out of Ax’s van and headed to the tiny door the small Frodo walks right in. Ax stops, the group looking at him, he takes his hands and re-sizes the door to where it was normal size and the group could walk in without ducking or hitting their head. Inside what they found was not a small hut but a big room filled with an assortment of all things. Frodo was bouncing around all over the place like a kid in a candy shop.

The outside of the hut is what appears to be cow and deer skin stretched over large tusks that have been buried in the ground. Paintings, feathers, and beads hanging from thin hair-like thread decorate the exterior.
As you enter the hut you would have needed to duck quite low to avoid head trauma and upon clearing the doorway you see a large expansive room with odds and ends and different tribal baubles scattered on and around several tall shelves. This seems impossible from the view of the exterior but it is definitely quite real as you enter and disperse around the shelves looking at the eyes and other body parts suspended in fluid filled jars. Large bolts of white cloth hang from the ceiling intermittently above the bones, shrunken heads, and tribal vestments. As you explore and become distracted by the large assortments of powdered plant and animal life and even a few newt tails you hear a sudden rattling of beads from behind, just to the left of the entrance, which you seem to have lost with your wandering. An African woman of medium height and build stands behind a glass case with several ceremonial daggers and sacrificial knives. She opens her mouth and says with an extremely thick accent, “Welcome, my name is Kaltash, how may I be assisting you today? Voodoo, hoodoo, potions, or collectibles?”

In this strange hut a woman, an information broker, came to greet the travelers. She told them of where they could get the info needed but not the info they were after. After being questioned she revealed that it was magically protected by the werewolves who kept it. As they were about to leave the woman asked them if they wanted to draw a card forever changing their current fates and directions. A few of the travelers drew a card, one drew many, and still two didn’t want to draw. They were right to be weary of the cards but as the members of the group who drew looked around the gigantic hut they realized that the door had reappeared. The two who didn’t draw a card yet, Ed and Avesta (Trixie), still saw no way out of the hut with the voodoo woman staring at them with the deck of cards. Avesta begrudgingly took a card and watched as the exit revealed itself before her eyes. Ed, being one who doesn’t get pushed around, took matters into his own hands quite literally. He grabbed the deck of cards and placed it on the glass display case of knives and turned grabbing the woman by her hair and demanding that she undo the spell/barrier they were trapped in. Breaking down crying and begging for her life the voodoo priestess explained she had someone else put up the barrier and that killing her would make no change but leaving him trapped. She begged and pleaded and held to her story and as Ed heart gave up the need to kill her he found some rope on one of the shelves hogtied her and suspended her upside down from the rafters. As she hung there he slammed his hand on the deck and drew a single card taking the rest of the deck and gagging the African woman with her own deck of cards before following everyone out.

Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

The party enters a room filled with concrete pillars. Chance is at the other end of the room and draws his sword.
Ax charges straight forward towards chance.
The rest of the group starts funneling in and positions themselves near the entrance.
Ed spots a green zone (grassy shimmer)
Kira walks around the edge of the room. Suddenly a great chill flows through her from the ground and ice begins to form on her body as she is frozen in place. (Pink zone)
Chance steps forward and begins casting a spell. A blue ball of electrical energy rockets towards Ax and hits him in the chest, stunning him momentarily.
Dahlia moves to the right and spots a red zone (blood)
Vivian spots an orange zone (fire)
Trixie spots the blue zone (electric) [stunned, lose turn]
Kira struggles and stays stuck in place
Chance shoots a red ball of fire towards Ax which set his clothes aflame.
Dahlia examines the red zone and determines that it will cause you to fear blood. And reduce damage by 50%
Vivian examines the orange zone and finds that it will cause you to fear the caster (forced to move away from caster)
Ax continues burning but moves forward
Liz spots yellow (sun reflection) determines that it will daze you. [Limited to 1 action]
Ed moves up behind Ax and examines black zone (darkness)
Trixie moves up and spots the purple zone (purple slime and slugs)
Kira again tries to move out of the frozen tundra. Breaking the ice hold on her body.
Chance sidesteps and scans himself with his sword. Casting some sort of spell
Dahlia walks through green zone and grass wraps itself around her legs. Holding her in place.
Vivi moves and stops
Trent moves up nearly flanking chance
Ax moves up a bit and puts out his burning clothes
Ed moves up and examines black zone. (blindness, -5 to Atk rolls)
Trix tries but fails to check out the purple zone
Kira escapes the cold zone and moves up
Chance moves though the black zone
Dahlia tries to Unroot herself
Vivi examines purple and determines that it will give you a brain slug[dominated]
Trent moves to attack chance stabbing him in the back repeatedly
Ax shoots Chance in the back
Liz moves up
Ed moves through the blue zone dodging lightning strikes and stopping on the other side
Trixie moves up and shoots Chance with her crossbow
Kira moves up the side of the room entering the yellow room getting Dazed by the light.
Chance shoots Trent with a beam of light leaving a smoking hole in his shirt
Vivi moves up and reloads the mp5
Trent stabs at Chance and misses some of the better attempts but still manages to cut deep
Ax braces against the pillar and empties his clip. Severing Chances leg causing him to bleed out.

After the intense battle you are all gathered around staring down at the poor homeless man who put up one heck of a fight. He turns his head and coughs up a large splatter of blood then looks up at each of you meeting your eyes. He opens his mouth and breathes in a rattling breath then says “when I said you were doomed, he cut me off and didn’t let me finish.” cough “now that I’m free of his hold I can finish what I was gonna say.” cough cough “I was gonna say that you all are doomed to fail but now that” cough cough cough cough “now that I’ve seen what you all can do I’m not so sure anymore.” cough “I feel you have a fighting chance now.” cough he then turns to Vivian gazing deep into her eyes past her soul and says “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have taken my anger out on you after your mother passed away. I” cough “was just so lost without her and she had left me alone with you to raise single handedly” as he reaches up to try and take her hand Vivi pulls back not believing what she is hearing. A heart wrenching frown comes across his face as he continues, “I’m sorry about the basement and spiders hun just make sure you…”his eyes glaze over and his hand drops back to his side as his life ebbs out and with a final exhale he stops moving. Making him look as peaceful as possible without leaving evidence you continue to the door, open it and continue climbing wondering what you needed to make sure of.

As the group moves up the stairs, Ed asks what happened to the mp5s
He tells Liz that he needs hers
She argues and says that this is mine. But you can have my pistol.
She then mentions that she has a nifty fest
Confused, Ed asks “what?”
she then indicated her bulletproof armor.
“Oh. You mean VEST
She says “that’s what I said.”
Ed then begins to argue about grammar and who should keep the mp5

We reach a room and see evidence that Ed gathers and puts in the bags.
When you get to the top of this stairwell you push the door open but it is sluggish to move. When you look down you see a large streak of blood sweep across the floor and when you get the door open as far as it will allow you look up to see a familiar lobby desk but its sideways and there are people laid across it. As you step out you hear a sickening squish as you step across the carpet towards the desk avoiding the bits of flesh and blood drenched bodies. When you reach the desk you look to your right and see the elevator doors you’ve used on several occasions. Now realizing that the stairwell is past Neil’s office you continue through the lobby and down the hall with a much quicker step. Hoping to find Neil alive to beat some justice into him you fling the door open to see what looks like the aftermath of a tornado but the only blood in here is from the bottoms of your shoes. After sifting through some papers and personal belongings the only thing you manage to dig up worth any salt is evidence of Neil being a fraud Psychiatrist with no ties whatsoever to the Medical field or professionals. It seems as if he is just a playboy philanthropist with fingers in one too many pies for the good of the group. He could probably get away with murder and illegal trafficking of any kind at the same time with just the lift of a finger. After this realization you continue through the now incredibly short hallway to the end where another stairwell waits.

When you get to floor 43 now incredibly winded and exhausted from the lack of sleep you pull the door open to find a creepy hallway full of apartments. Dahlia steps forward, being the fastest, and is suddenly grabbed by a dark figure. She lets out a slight yelp and is almost surprised to see the rather handsome man, recalling him from somewhere lost in her past, her head swims as he grips her arms tightly. Its not the fact that he is handsome the surprises her but rather the red stain around his lips and chin and the slight red hugh of his teeth when he smiles at her. The group begins to pounce when a familiar voice comes from the man “wait, just a second I need a moment.” when he turns to look at the rest of the group a shock of recognition races through your brains. There is no way this can be Shawn Fang where are all the scars, I mean all the cloths are right but his face. It is then that you notice small drips of what appears to be blood dripping from his gloves and coat sleeves. You can now see that Dahlia’s arms have blood where he grips her. He lets go and steps back to address the whole group “I cant proceed forward. There are several barriers and wards in place that I cannot manage to get past given my mmmm condition.” he gestures to himself. “This next step is very important, I can’t accompany you obviously otherwise I would have wrung his throat already. I need you to rescue my daughter as much as you need to rescue her. Dahlia suddenly cries out under her breath “no” shakes her head and buries her face in her hands. Shawn turns to her and says as gently as he can, “I know it’s hard to accept my little kitty cat but big sis needs you now. I wish your mother could be here but we don’t have time you need to show daddy that you’ve grown and can do this.” she looks up tears welling in her eyes as she blinks a tear down her cheek. Her face suddenly turns to great anger as she yells out “Why did you leave me all alone?! How could you do that to me when I was so young?! Do you have any idea what what you did has done to me?! “good” he says”you’ll need that rage to do what needs to be done” He opens his mouth to say something again when you hear two gunshots ring out followed by a third and shattering glass. “noooooooo” he yells out as he looks down the hall, when he turns back all of the scars and burns and disfigurements have reappeared suddenly and he says in a panicked tone “Apartment eight, hurry, you don’t have anymore time!!!!”

A group of eight people burst through the door after hearing the three gunshots. As they stand at the entryway they look across the room at a chair with a slumped figure sitting in it. A man with a scarred face runs past some of the others closely followed by a girl with a very familiar face. The man kneels down and cradles the slumped body in the chair which you recognize to be a woman who looks very similar to the girl with the familiar face. As the man breaks down you see the girl standing behind him start to back up shaking her head from side to side. Ed, that’s the man’s name, but you still can’t figure out the girl’s name. As she backs up a beautiful blonde steps forward to comfort her and turns her away to find an unoccupied seat. Aha, it’s Dahlia, and she seems to be heart broken but how do you know these names and what do they mean to you? As you look back at the 5 strange people still standing in the entryway a brunette steps forward with her magnum raised and ready to fire as she approaches the shattered window. Wow thats a long drop you think as she is joined by a sword totting girl you don’t recognize. The other two men split to either side of the room heading to different doors. We must be on the 43rd floor of some building you think as the scene before you shrinks away as if you are being dragged backwards through the air. You glance away from the mess below to see whats dragging you when your heart stops and you see the gorgeous figure adorned in budding and blooming blue roses so dense around her that it seems as if it is actually a dress she is wearing. The scent of the roses is too strong and sweet for them to be fabric especially since the skin of this being is a nice rich green with little plant sprouts, leaves, and thorns protruding where the roses are not covering. The thorns on her skin seem to be dripping large drops of blood and as she turns her bright red eyes and blood drenched mouth cause you to let out a terrified scream and black out as it seems that you are being devoured and as her mouth envelops you you realize the slumped body you left behind was you, but how could it be, and with that last thought the woman closes her mouth and darkness swallows you whole.

In the next room we find Beverly, Sam, and the kids.
As Ax and Trent check the side rooms for any signs of Neil or Sam and the kids, the sobs and screams drown out any trains of thought. When Trent opens the door he half expects Neil to jump on him like a crazed animal but all he sees is a bathroom with vials and needles scattered across the floor and bloody gauze piled up in the sink and hanging off from the counter. As he looks around further he sees pills and prescription bottles on the closed toilet seat and in the filthy bathtub. The bathroom is completely spotless save for the blood in the sink and the nasty tub which strikes him as odd. As he is about to step into the bathroom to get closer looks Ax calls out “hey I found them!” Trent turns around to see Trixie look up at Ax who is gesturing her to come over and she darts to his side grabbing the door frame and letting her body swing into the room. She yells out “Sam, Sam no. Hang in there I’ll get you out of those ropes” as Sam tries to speak a wimpy squeak comes out passing as speech. “I’m so sorry. I should have known.” Trixie pipes up “don’t speak. Save your strength we’re gonna get you and the kids to the hospita…” “it’s too late for them” sam manages to choke out as tears begin streaming down his cheeks following the path of previous tears. Trixie stops and looks up for her children. Seeing them tied up in a similar manner to Sam she jumps to them as she too begins to shed tears. She shakes her daughter and immediately coils away as the warmth she is so used to when cradling her has since disappeared. She turns to her son and sees he too shares the same complexion as her late daughter and has stopped breathing some time ago. She begins screaming and sobbing uncontrollably as Ax steps back and lets Trent through. Picking Trixie up and handing her off to Vivian Trent turns back to sam to finish untying him. Sam looks up to Trent and says “Hey little bro, you’re gonna need to take care of my wife for me okay?” as more tears fall down carving new paths along his cheeks and chin. “What the hell are you talking about you’re gonna get out of here just fine.” as he finishes untying Sam’s foot restraints Sam flops over to his other side revealing a bleeding puncture wound with the needle still deeply lodged in his arm. Trent is taken aback as Sam smiles a strange smile and says “Yup, He got me too. I don’t have very long before I get to see my babies again. He chokes on his words as Trent yells out for someone to help him. Turning you can see the pool of tears threatening to spill over in Trent’s eyes and you hear him yell “He’s my brother for Christ sake, do something!”

End of Chapter One of March of the End Days “Into the Flame”
To continue in Chapter Two “The Consuming Fire”

FINISH HIM!!! *toasty*

-Kira attacks wolf with katana.
-Elizabeth shoots Red
-Vivi picks up the dropped assault rifle and reloads.
-Wolf pulls out grenade and drops in front of her.
-Trixie shoots wolf with her crossbow but misses.
-Green grapples with ax but it’s stalemate.
-Red fires at Ed and he gets takes a hit.
-Dahlia moves closer.
-Ax shoves his hand into green where the knife wound is and tries to grab insides.
-Ed moves away from grenade
-Trent walks in and draws punch dagger " I heard gunfire you guys.. Oh"

-Kira jumps back from grenade
-Elizabeth fires at red again
(Green coughs up blood)
-Vivian fires at red with the MP5
-Wolf grabs grenade and rolls over to Ed and Vivi.
(Grenade explodes!!! Ed and Vivi get hit and fall a few feet away)
-Trixie shoots at Wolf
(Ed is hurting pretty bad and close to bleeding out)
-Green shoots but misses, coughs up more blood as Ax grabs her intestines and squeezes.
-Red kicks Vivi as she lays on the ground.
-Dahlia moves closer " I’m coming! Chosen one!"
-Ax reaches in as far as he can reach and tries to flip Green whilst grabbing her insides but she holds her ground.
-Ed struggles to stand up
-Trent stabs green in side with the punch dagger.
(Greens knees go out and she gets wobbly)

-Kira stabs wolf
-Ed shoots red
-Vivi stands up and tries to sweep Red off her feet but does not succeed.
-Wolf coughs up blood and pulls out automatic and shoots Kira.
-Trixie reloads.
-Green dies
-Red drops grenade at her feet and backs away from Vivi, Ax and Trent.
-Dahlia draws weapon and moves behind wolf.
-Ax throws grenade to Red
-Ed moves to wolf but starting to bleed out. He grabs wolf in grapple but stalemate.
-Trent moves towards Vivi.

-Kira misses attack
-Ed moves toward wolf
-Vivi moves toward red and shoots using full auto.
-Wolf turns to Dahlia and shoots point blank and Dahlia takes a good amount of damage.
-Red saves herself from bleeding out and moves back and throws to Ax and Vivi
(Grenade Explodes!!!!)
-Dahlia, using her combat knife, stabs wolf in the face numerous times through her helmet until wolf dies.
-Ax walks towards Red licking blood off knife menacingly.
-Ed moves to Red.
-Trent moves to Red.

-Kira moves in front of Trixie " I’m hurting pretty bad"
-Ed " dang it guys get out of the way" moves around Trent and Kira.
-Vivi tries to heal self but fails, so she just moves out of the way.
-Trent also tries to heal self but fails.
-Red moves through the gang of people surrounding her and empties the clip on Elizabeth.
-Dahlia wipes the blood off her face and moves towards Trixie and Kira.
-Ax Bowie knifes Red in the back.
-Ed turns and beats Red with fubar.
(Red dies)

-Trixie starts healing everybody until everyone’s healed.

Radio transmission comes on " you guys better be doing your job down there. Mr. Richards didn’t want any interruptions …especially with his special guest."

Door to the stairs unlocks.. Before going up Ax and Trixie take radios and extra batteries. Elizabeth takes bulletproof vest. Everybody turns down the volume.

You reach what looks like the end of the stairwell but it feels like 300 flights of stairs. When you get to the door you’re spirits get crushed when you see the sign reads 20th floor and has instructions to continue ascending. It looks like it switches back and forth every 20 floors or so crossing to the other side of the building to continue climbing again. You open the door and step out into a blank floor. Just a huge room with structural supports spaced equally apart and a door at the opposite end of the room. There seems to be a figure standing in front of the door but it’s too far away to see. As you get closer the figure doesn’t move but begins coming more and more into focus. A brown tattered trench-coat and cap with a beard and cigar sticking out from between them. As you slow your approach almost in a stupor Chance pulls out a familiar short sword. He doesn’t say anything to you nor does he answer any of the questions you ask. He stands there like a guardian statue preventing passage when suddenly he starts murmuring and making hand signs. Roll initiative.

  • Swat shoots at Trixie
  • Kira shoots at the swat hitting them
  • Elizabeth takes a shot at the swat he coughs up blood
  • Trixie moves toward fountain
  • Ax is gripping the knife tightly that is stabbed in the swat persons gut
  • The swat person takes shots at Kira after aiming a while
  • Dahlia freaks out and takes off
  • Ax can’t seem to push the swat person down
  • Ed moves to grab a swat and grabs him by his face mask and puts him in the blast radius of the grenade
  • The swat gets hit by the grenade blast and hits the fountain and another swat flies through the velvet ropes
  • Swat empties their magazine and drops the clip
  • Kira shoots a swat in the back of the head. Brains spray Ed in the face.
  • Swat tries to grapple Ed. Ed does a reverse grapple
  • Trixie heals Vivian
  • Swat takes a shot at Elizabeth
  • Ax topples the swat to the ground.
  • Ed slams a swat person into the fountain.
  • Kira’s Gun goes click
  • Elizabeth got shot and grazed from a bullet.
  • Tixie heals again
  • Swat aims at Elizabeth
  • the swat with knife inside them get their insides mangled
  • Ed Slams their head on the fountain
  • Kira draws Katana dropping the empty pistol
  • Elizabeth shoots swat
  • Trixie heals Elizabeth.
  • Swat breaks grapple as another aims
  • Kira cuts swat on the chest
  • Vivi shots at swat
  • Swat moves away from Kira
  • Swat takes an arrow to the knee from Trixie ending his career as an adventurer
  • Ax Counter grapples
  • Ax jiggles knife
  • Kira misses sword swing
  • Elizabeth shoots at swat
  • Swat takes a shot at Kira
  • One of the swat fails to grapple
  • Swat yells out profanities as the gun clicks as they try to shoot after spending 3 turns aiming for the maximum bonus
  • Ax nudges the knife more.
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Location: Kira’s Appartment
9:15 p.m.
Kira and Dahlia are busy looking for the mysterious backpack that Kira recieved from Richards, they find it under Kira’s bed they exchange looks and decided to wait till they are with the others to look inside. When they are about to leave to meet up with the others Kira finally remembers to go get her weapons so they make a quick stop at Vivian’s. When they arrive they pick the lock and collect Kira’s bag then they relock the door and head for the beckman towers.

Location: Beckman Towers Parking Garage
10:00 p.m.
Kira and Dahlia pull up in the parking garage, Ed walks over after making some final adjustments to the car blocking the elevator, he briefs Dahlia, and the group discusses what their next course of action will be. The group suddenly remembers the backpack and Ed gives it a once over to check for traps, finding none the group opens the backpack to to find 2 grenades, 2 folders, and 2 clips of ammo, which Ed realizes are the same items confiscated by the police! After empting the backpack Dahlia goes to pick the lock on the door, it was open >.<
Ed takes the lead and the group heads inside.

You enter the ground floor lobby of the Beekman tower to use the stairs since the elevators are out of order. Minimal lights are on maybe only enough for security or cleaning. All the lobby security computers are off and not a single person is present aside from your group. As you look around you can see that the elevator lights are on. Moving over to them you press the button with the up arrow and wait for the elevator to arrive. There is a loud ding followed by a dull scraping sound as the doors slide apart. As you begin to step forward to the elevator you notice the floor is missing and you can see down to the giant elevator springs. Assuming it might be an illusion or just reinforced glass Ed grabs a quarter from his pocket and tosses it into the elevator. Expecting to here a clink and the quarter to be floating on the floor you’re surprised to see it fall straight through and bounce off one of the springs. Still not convinced the floor is truly gone ed steps out holding onto the walls and attempts to step on the glass. As he lowers his foot he meets no resistance and nearly falls into the elevator shaft. Giving up you all look around for the stair well finding it right next to the elevators. Being as silent as you can you approach the stairwell to begin your ascent. Not noticing the infrared trip laser Ed storms through to grab the handle and just as he makes contact with it he hears a loud ka-chunk and is met with an immovable door. Without any audible alarms a team of four of what looks like SWAT team members come around a corner and into the lobby with weapons raised. Roll initiative.

Location: Beckman Towers Lobby

A Random Swat Team Appears!

One of the swat member takes a shot at Elizabeth
Kira Sprints to the fountain and ducks behind one of the walls
Elizabeth turns and fires a shot at the swat members
Vivi moves toward the fountain next to Kira
Another swat memeber fires a shot at Kira
Trixi following the others moves up to the fountain
A third swat member moves along the lobby entrance doors and fires a shot at Vivi
The fourth Swat member chucks a grenade which smacks Kira right in the face and falls near her
Dahlia readies her blade and crouches
Ax fires a shot at one of the swat members
Ed moves up to the front of the fountain
The last Swat member moves up and fires at Kira
Kira picks up the grenade and sends it back to the swat team
Elizabeth moves up and takes a shot at the swat team
Vivi moves right next to the fountain and readies her gun
The first swat member moves up to Ed and fires at him
Trixi shoots at a swat enemy
The enemy near the doors moves farther along them and fires at Vivi
The third swat member picks up the returned grenade and continues the game of “hot potato” and throws it into the fountain where it goes off
Dahlia moves up to the fountain
Ax moves up and fires
Ed moves up to a near by swat member and tries to grab them and throw them into the fountain
The last enemy throws another grenade at Vivi
Kira draws her gun
Elizabeth moves up and fires
Vivi moves back
The enemy grappling with Ed gets the upper hand and drags him toward the other swat members
Trixi readies her crossbow and fires at an enemy hitting him in the chest
The third enemy throws yet another grenade at Vivi
Dahlia moves closer to Ed
Ax also moves up to Ed and fires his gun
Ed manages to escape from the enemy
The fourth enemy takes a shot at AX
Kira moves over and fires
Elizabeth also fires a shot off
Vivi tries to pick up the nearby grenade and fails
Ed gets grabbed again and pulled closer to the other swat members
Trixi fires another crossbow shot
Dahlia jumps over the edge of the fountain and lands right next to Ed and throws her blade at the swat member near the front doors
Ax seeing the blade hit the enemy moves over to them and grabs it and attempts to twist it in but is unable to do so
Ed grabs one of his grenades pulls the pin and drops it.

Will this battle end in our heroes favor?
Will they have to fight more enemies as they climb the tower?
Will they be able to save their kidnapped loved ones?
Will Vivi quit being a grenade magnet?
Where was Trixi keeping that crossbow?!
and where are the Horseshoes promised by the title?!

Darkness Awaits

Back to the future! OR A tale of tits and towers!

Still Week Three:

Trixie’s zombie counterpart decides to rob a bank as Trixie watches from the shadows. However, as she’s following behind, she’s trailed by someone that thinks they remember her in her man body falsely. This distracts the process and causes her attention to be diverted as the counterpart completes the act.

Kira: Counterpart continues her destruction spree by blowing up a series of cars. Kira meanwhile is watching from beneath one up until being stricken with the need to relieve herself/himself. While breaking from the recon, the act saves her from being caught up in the destruction.

Daliah: Counterpart goes to a pet store and convinces store to give her all of the small animals to continue her bout with the munchies.

Ed: Attempts to connect with a woman from the club resembling Richards’ type and perceive his methods and dialog. This fails however as his acting of being a club going woman comes off as disingenuous. The females in the club do not find themselves privy to let him tag along.

Vivi: Finds herself and her counterpart engaged in a random series of exploding cars (Not tied to kira’s wave of destruction) barely escaping with their lives.

Ax: Becoming more like an animal female Ax watches as his past self befriend a bear and begin wrestling with it.

Week Four -

Trixie: Counterpart comes out of an alleyway while escaping cops. Trixie follows and places tracking device on character.

Kira: Hacks into email to track counterpart’s jobs, finding that no jobs have been taken and the assassin is listed under a “Busy” psudonym.

Daliah: Counterpart is trailing down a random citizen. D follows. Counterpart then tracks down the runner and steals their clothes.

Ed: After a week, comes back to the club, finding Richards with a new prospect. Throwing a fit in classic stereotypical fashion, he screams at Niel calling him a two timing player for cheating on his previous consort and chucks a martini glass in his face.

Ax: Growing hungry Ax and the bear go hunting for some fresh venison catching 2 bucks and dragging them back to the makeshift camps Past Ax starts becoming more human again and begins cleaning and cooking the deer. After eating their fill the ax’s and the bear fall asleep by the fire while the deer hides dry. Come morning, Past Ax says a painful goodbye to his new bear friend and they drive back to the city in stunning silence.


You all enter the Black Cat Nightclub now missing the santa hats and christmas lights to find the club packed. Black lights and glow-sticks seem to be the theme of the night. From the doorway you see six heads not bobbing to the music and heading to the bar in the back. Any nearby conversations are obliterated by the bumping music but you do see a familiar face waiting at the bar for the six of your counterparts. As Kira sits next to Neil he looks over gives her a big raunchy kiss and slides her a backpack under the bar table. She puts on the backpack, gives Neil another peck, and walks off as Neil turns and slaps her on the butt. The group follows Kira out with the backpack and Neil turns back to pouring himself into his vodka. As you attempt to confront Neil the scene begins to swim and the lights all go black. You all find yourselves exactly where you left off in the parking lot of the Black Cat Nightclub. Trent just barely manages to stop his reversing pinto before something really bad happens with his car or the club. There is a significant difference from when you left and now. The sun seems to have set several hours ago judging by the ample amounts of black skies. The street lights are on and there are several more cars in the parking lot but there isn’t a bit of snow on the ground or christmas lights strung anywhere. Checking your phones the digital readout has finally changed from 3:00 to 9:15 pm. And when you look at the nightclub you see a familiar figure enter the bar highlighted by the neon lights from the black cat with its swishing tail over the red and green glowing letters spelling out “Black Cat Night Club”.

After the duration of the spell and the party is caught back up on the events of real time, The group finds themselves back in the parking lot following Chance’s attack. As they do, they see Neil Richards walking into the bar. Clocks read 9:15 PM. For all practical intents, they seem to be back in their own timeline.

Ed gets on the phone with Shawn, he updates him that memory has been regained and that the tower is now in sights. The party starts to plan their attack on Beekman tower when Elizabeth mentions curiosity about the bag Neil handed Kira during the final flashback. Group splits up to scout the tower, find the bag, and keep Neil busy.

Kira goes back into the night club to confront Neil. Richards tells Daliah and Kira that he has the footage from the bombing/body dump.

Back at beekman, the elevator is seemingly down and there are no stairs leading into the building from outside. Ed says this is a trap.

Dick at this point is seduced by Kira and Daliah to dismiss the video and instead go back to his place (Which unbeknownst to the party is in Beekman tower)

Ed calls back Shawn and updates him. Tells him the building is closed off at the elevator and that Neil has the footage of them breaking in from before. Shawn reenforces that this is an all or nothing event, and regardless of anything that everyone needs to be present at beekman tower in order for the operation to work. Ed relays this to the party and tells everyone to regroup at the tower.

Neil excusses himself to the restroom before accompanying the two ladies back to his place. after what seems like an eternity Kira peeks into the restroom to find the bathroom completely empty despite having waited outside.

Kira and Daliah go back to Kira’s apartment to collect weapons/phones/equipment and “The Bag”. Shawn says he’ll also be there shortly but not to wait for him as “They’d just slow him down.”

Standing before the monolith of the tower, the party waits to regroup before rushing their evasive foe.

Dun dun duuuuuuun…..

Zombies Arisen

Week 2:

Trixie talks to herself trying to find out any info but she gets none.
Ed runs into his character who is going to his Beekman tower appointment and knocks him over and puts his phone (which is recording) in his zombie self’s pocket and takes the other phone.
Kira is hacking into the camera system at the mall to surveil his character. His character takes out an Uzi and opens fire. It was at noon and it was a big mall and she killed 20 people.
Vivi goes to the Beekman tower and convinces the security guard to let her into the building by saying she forgot something inside. She finds that he made two appointments in the same week and none the next.
Dahlia went to an alley to see herself with her mouth all bloody and she spits something out of her mouth as a man runs away cussing.
Ax convinces his past self to hire him on as temporary help seeing as hoe “she” passed all the test questions past Ax gave her.
Trixie tries to call everyone’s zombies to get info but no one answers.
Ed monitors (sitting in a park bench) the tower and watches for Neal’s vehicle he drives a red Lamborghini. He follows the vehicle which goes to the black cat night club. Neal stays for an hour and leaves going right back to the Beekman tower.
Kira follows her other self. Her character looses her but finds her and sees that she is going to vivis’ house.
Vivi goes to the library to see if there is anything supernatural. He only gets vague answers about other cultures and second hand accounts of strange happenings similar to their zombified states.
Dahlia goes to a strange seedy part of town she gets attacked and stabs her attacker. She sees her self coming out of the black cat with a fired slip.
Ax goes through the appointment books to find everything after his Grandfathers Birthday completely open not a single appointment.
Trixie places her phone on record to listen to her conversations. She hears her husband and kids trying to talk to her but she doesn’t respond her husband threatens her with a divorce.
Ed places a bag over his head and goes to the tower to mess with the OCD lady. He intimidates her. He thinks she is going to tell him that Neal uses zombified people to sell them at the black cat. She actually says he is normal and just goes to the bar to get drunk and that’s all she knows while she is crying.
Vivi tails himself to the subway. 20 guys show up which are part of a street gang who rob people. Vivi kills them all after using some of their own guns and reloading a couple times but he doesn’t get hurt at all.
Kira has dogs help her tail herself. Kira was in the subway as well and stands at the train platform waiting for a train and also manages not to get hurt.
Dahlia finds she has nothing to eat she kills rats and dogs to eat.
Ax had nothing scheduled in the shop today. This may seem odd to those who don’t know him, but his friends know this is always a bad day. It’s his grandfathers birthday.
Rising before the sun, Ax cooked himself a hearty breakfast knowing he would need the energy for what lay ahead. He got into his truck and headed back his home town to the woods where his grandfather had been buried. He cleared the area of debris and set up a small fire, adding various incense like Big Bear taught him. He then sat down with his legs crossed and closed his eyes to reminisce about his relative. Smelling the fire, the forest, and the herbs he was burning, he let the memories wash over him. Specifically the first tattoo he received from Big Bear. It is a merely patterned band around his ankle, but it was the symbol of him attaining manhood in his grandfathers eyes. The pain he felt from the repeated hammering was dwarfed by the swelling of pride in his heart. When he opened his eyes the fire had gone out and he watched his past self stand and walk to his vehicle. Female Ax gets in and they drive off towards new york and Beekman tower.

End of week 2:

The group finds themselves back at the parking garage being watched once again by you. As the final person arrives you see a tall man in a black trench coat and hat materialize out of the shadows between the elevators. He approaches your past selves and begins talking with them. He gradually gets frustrated and starts grabbing people’s faces and staring into their eyes. After each person he grabs he says “good” lingering a little longer with Ed and Dahlia then he begins walking back to the cars. When he passes the pinto he turns to you and says “Hang in there we’ll get this.” then he winks and melts into a shadow and disappears. As before, your past selves enter the elevator and you follow them up in the neighboring one. This time when they leave it seems that the folders have acquired a bit more bulk. You see something strange as Neil and Chance leave the office, they are holding the hands of Kira and Vivian respectively. As Chance and Vivi wander off, Vivian gets ahead of him in order to catch up with the others and her hand falls effortlessly out of Chance’s. As before, Neil hangs back even longer pulling Kira closer outside the office door and kissing her deeply. As the two separate the blank stare and glossy eyes that Kira pays him with and the absence of a smile is as good as it’s going to get this night as far as payback goes. They all leave as usual with Kira tearing her hand away from him and jogging off to meet the others. Once again you pass by the pinto as the digital clock face turns from 3:04 to 3:05 am.


Week 3:

Ed stakes out Neal’s romantic side. He finds that he rents a VIP section and has his entourage fetch desirable people.
Kira is tailing herself and sees herself tossing something out of her car but can’t tell what it is.
Trixie writes a letter to her husband saying that she loves him and that he is going to have to give her more time and that they need a new therapist.
Dahlia eats out of a dumpster to find sides to go with her ally animals.
Vivi convinces Elizabeth that she works with Vivian’s therapist and convinces her to take her out for a while. he searches the house. Elizabeth gives male Vivian her number.
Ax watches and Meditates with his past self after returning to the forest and sees himself grow more and more wild with each passing hour.

Stalking Ourselves A Crime?!

Well we find ourselves outside the theater after our awesome van crash, the party then moves into the theater to stop whatever may have happened to us one month ago. As the party enters the theater they open the door and find themselves suddenly standing in a very familiar bar. Confused the party looks around, Ed begins to question if this is an illusion or something similar, and Vivi notices the clock is 5 mins later than when they first entered the bar. The party then decides to see if they look to be themselves still or different so a few members of the group take pictures of themselves with their phones and find that they have all swapped genders! The party then decides to try a different approach if we cant change what happens at the theater maybe we can find new information on Beverly. The party calls a taxi van since the van they stole before is missing and head to Ed’s home. Vivi, Ed, and Dahlia head into Ed’s appartment, while the rest stay outside the apartments having been scammed out of their money and watching the van drive away. Ed opens the door and begins to look around from the hallway noticing nothing out of the ordinary, except for a note on the counter which he assumes was left by Bev. but as he enters the apartment to read it the party is warped back to the bar, Vivi, Ed, Dahlia inside and the others in the parking lot. Ed then confirms his previous assumption that this is not real, Vivi then points out that time is moving forward 5 minutes every time they warp back to the bar, Ed then goes up to the bar tender and beats his face in with his Fubar, until all that remains of the tender is a bloody lump of meat where his face used to be. Then everything resets and the bar tender is back up looking normal and unaware that he had just gotten brutally murdered. Ax decides to buy a drink and approaches the bar as the last customer pays his tab and walks out. Then Trent decide to jump in on the fun and shoot the tender in the face with his shotgun and take the money in the register then it all resets again only Trent lost the money he got and the shell he used. The drink Ax drank seems to leave him as the slight inebriation completely disappears and the clock leaps forward another 5 minutes. Finally realizing that the illusion only lets us observe not change things we walk back to the theater to trail ourselves and see what happens after the play. The play only being 15 or so minutes in the party then decides to wait till it lets out. Ed, Ax, Elizabeth, and Trixi head to a pizza joint to grab a slice, while the rest of the party hangs out in front of the theater, Vivi then goes to scope out the theater and heads down an alley next to it, Kira sees this and follows. Meanwhile Dahlia and Trent are told by the ticket guy that they cant be loitering outside. Trent heads around the theater into the alley and Dahlia decides to hang out with the delicious pizza aromas. Vivi and Kira find an unlocked door into the theater and sneak inside, while Trent keeps watch. The two find themselves back stage, Vivi then messages Ed about it, he then asks her to keep an eye on “ourselves” in the audience. Kira moves closer to the stage while Vivi listens to the managers office only hearing an adding machine. Vivi and Kira watch themselves throughout the play watching as their emotions change with the audience and never being seen or heard hiding in the backdrops and curtains.

Time moves on and the play lets out Ed, Ax, and Trixi arrive outside as it lets out and follow our counterparts, the gender benders then regroup outside and follow. You stalk yourselves through all the familiar shops before heading back to the parking garage. As you see yourselves trying to make amends for knocking down a random homeless man Vivi and Dahlia head off to follow the man as he runs off and around a corner. Not two seconds after he rounds the corner Vivi and Dahlia round the same corner to find a dead end and not a single trace of Chance. Meanwhile the other group witnesses as their counterparts head past the alley and up to the parking garage where they parked. The Dahlia and Vivian have joined back up now and everyone watches as the expressionless faces of their past selves pile into Ax’s van and drive off toward Ed’s apartment. The gender benders hijack a vehicle and follow parking on the curb outside the apartment complex of Ed and Beverly. They watch as their past selves head up to what would have to be Ed’s apartment and wait for some development. An hour passes when Beverly pulls up and goes in to get home. A few minutes later you see the others come out with an unconscious Bev being carried between Ed and Dahlia, they toss her into Ax’s van and drive off. The group tries to follow but the batteries in their vehicle seems to be dead. Frustrated you get the issue resolved but only in time to see Ed come back without Bev and head up to his new bachelor pad. The group then splits up to shadow their respective counterparts.

Vivian observes and follows herself using her investigation skills to keep track of where and whom she interacted with during week 1. Vivian discovered that she had taken a job for the 1st National Bank of NY, to look into one of its employees. She discovered that the employee in question named James Makerson, was actually stealing money from the bank, to pay off a rather large gambling debt to suspect people.

Once that case was finished Vivian saw that she appeared to act normal but only by what she did her personality had defiantly changed, Vivian saw that she went only to places she normally went to except for two locations that she went to twice each both times leaving with something and returning with something else. The first place was a rather odd herbal remedy shop, located in a rather rundown part of town, the second was an odd warehouse located in the back of the harbor. The packages she left with varied in size but where about the same shape, very odd more time will be required.

Still having contracts that need to be fulfilled Kira steps up to the plate once again to kill someone for money. No questions were asked this time and Kira was even given a rifle to perform the hit with. as she stalks her target and learns the patterns she sets up on the roof of an apartment complex and waits.Using her high sense of stealth she follows her past self up to the roof and watches in perfect silence. When her past self sees her target she doesn’t hesitate for a second and squeezes off three rounds, two in the chest both through the heart and one right between the eyes. After packing her rifle away she drops it in the designated location and sets off towards Vivian’s to hide out as the client asked.

Discovering that her past self is being trailed one day all around the city she meets up with Trent. Her past self successfully throws her tail and Trent and Kira ambush him in an ally and take him to an abandoned building. They begin drilling him wanting to know the usual questions and when all the bloodied tools and methods had been exhausted, thanks to Trent’s thinking outside the box, they had answers. he was tailing Kira because the previous client became worried she would talk or go after him he put a hit on her. They then killed him and disposed of the body leaving past Kira completely out of the loop and safe.

Trixie decides that the only way to get information is from outside the windows of her house while hiding in the bushes. She decides to hang out and check all the windows and doors for signs of easy entry or already attempted forced entry. as she checks one of the windows she sees her husband trying to talk to her and all thats happening is she stares forward. She doesn’t even look at him and he starts raising his voice to a yell. Not seeing the kids anywhere she can only assume and hope that they are at their grandparents house.

Seeing her react as if she never even saw her husband she decides to enter her house a few days later with her key and take a blood sample from herself. Not even a single word is exchanged between the two as she gets the blood needed or the test. After leaving the house she takes the blood and has it analyzed for foreign bodies that could be making her act this way. When the results come back the report shows that she has a perfect bill of health and she has even lost her allergies and cholesterol build up.

After stalking Ed’s counterpart’s location, eventually the zombified doppleganger leaves the house for reasons unknown. Ed uses this time to break into the home, move several cans of food out of the cabinets (Hence the lack there of at the start of the campaign)and relocate them into the ceiling. From there, Ed uses his survival skills to live out inside the counterpart’s roof in order to spy on him. During this time, Ed documents and records using the phone recorder the multiple times police have come to his house to question the man in the vanishing act of his wife. During this time, six attempts to contact Ed by door are made, all but the first are ignored. The first is a Detective Wilks, who manages to get a silent ed to leave his house. Character Ed assumes this period is what Wilks described when he mentioned that Ed was brought in earlier but was predominantly silent. After this point, the other five contacts by door are ignored. 47 phone calls are also ignored. During this time, zombie Ed spends the majority of his time what seems to be clearing his own house in a military op sort of manner. Rounding corners into rooms, clearing said empty room, muttering something under his breath before moving onto the next room. This process is repeated again and again and again almost to the point it can be tracked on a time sheet. The practice is similar to Army entry procedures used to enter and clear buildings, just done without a team and in a much more eerie and personal-lacking style.

Relying on the new face given to him by the strange spell, Ed places himself routinely at Beekman tower with a newspaper. During which, he documents each appearance of the party as they come in for their routine treatment. Getting a solid time basis for who is seen more, when each appointment happens to be, and what (if any) difference in appearance each appointment has on the character. Everyone is quite equal for the appointment frequency and duration as well as the state they leave in. He also takes the time to tweak the position of the vase specifically as to annoy the OCD receptionist.

Ax goes to his shop to dig up some daily activity to find his past self installing a new vehicle lift. He tries to chat himself up but gets little to no response. As he’s chatting he notices that the lift is fully extended but the brake isn’t engaged thanks to his skill with cars. Just as he notices this the lift starts falling headed right for his face. He reaches out fast as lightning and engages the brake to his relief a few inches from his nose. His past self doesn’t even flinch or move as if he never saw anything.

Looking to kill some time and have some fun with his new gender Ax decides to go to a club but he will need a wingman. He returns to the shop a few days later and approaches himself with this offer. Using all of his assets and quick thinking he finally convinces Ax man to go to the club with him/her later. As night rolls around she goes to the shop where He is waiting and the two Axs go to the black cat night club. After talking each other up, which doesn’t take a whole lot, Ax woman takes her catch to the restroom for a little oral interchange. As she gets to it she hears the door open up and the sound of a giggling girl and a familiar grunt of agreement. Now occupying the stalls adjacent to each other the situation quickly turns into a competition. After Ax woman being declared the winner and rincing out her/his mouth they exit the men’s room and go back to the shop where they split ways.

Using her superior athletic abilities Dahlia climbs up the fire escape to her apartment window and hangs over the street just out of view from her past self. She peers in watching as she pets her cat, Dahmer, when suddenly she grabs its neck and twists hard instantly killing him. She lets out a slight gasp as she sees herself take Dahmer to the freezer and stores him for later. She slowly falls from floor to floor on the fire escape until she reaches the ground and wanders off.

Needing to know what has become of Dahmer the cat she returns to her apartment to do some more investigating. She goes to her apartment door and opens it with her keys as quietly as she can using some of the stealth training Kira taught her. As she sneaks around her place avoiding being seen or heard she sees her past self remove Dahmer from the freezer and cleave off a hunk of his carcass and throw it in a pan. She then watches as she consumes him including hair and all leaving cleanly plucked bones. Revolted she leaves her apartment almost blowing her cover as the door slams shut behind her.

As you trail your other self you find yourself in a very familiar parking garage. As you pass an old pinto you see the other’s counterparts gathering around the elevators. They all step in together leaving no room for additional passengers. As you run to the elevator you see seven other people running towards the same elevator when you realize it’s the others. You all slow for a moment realizing but then run into the neighboring elevator and push the buttonand head to the 40th floor. When you arrive there is nobody there glancing around you see a clock in the lobby that reads 2:59 am. You head to the right of the perfectly symmetrical lobby overturning a vase as you go. Being as quiet as you can you head down the unnecessarily long hallway and find yourself outside Neil’s office. You hear a mostly one-sided conversation and then a distinct “see you next week”. You scramble silently away from the door finding hiding places in the hallway and peer out to see yourselves walking back to the lobby and elevator with manilla envelopes in each of your hands. Just as you are about to come out of hiding to follow again Neil’s door opens revealing a familiar mystery bum and a slick haired scumbag. Chance continues down the hallway while Neil locks up pauses and looks around before continuing after Chance. You finally get out of the building finding nothing in sight save for a lone pinto with the dash clock blinking 3:05am.

What will the group discover about the last month?
Will they still be able to move forward when they know the truth?
What purpose did they have to kidnap Bev?
Are their minds their own or are they still being controlled?
And is Stalking yourself a Crime?!

Darkness Awaits


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