March of the End Days-Multi-System (MtA, GtS-E, VtR, WtF, CtL)

Back to the Future err Wait Past!
  • Ed leaves the bathroom to see everyone is gone.
  • Ed asks for directions from Famous Ray to the night club and tries to lie about the “delicious” food.
  • There was a guy that ed glared at so the guy walked down the sidewalk to cross the street to avoid him.
  • He helps an elderly lady get a cab.
  • He almost gets shot by a cab mafioso.
  • Then he ends up walking into the fight fiasco.
  • Elizebeth moves to the van for a better shot at Chance.
  • Vivi does the same resting her magnum on the hood of the van taking aim.
  • Dahlia takes a swing at Chance cutting him deep followed by Ax who tries to cave in Chance’s head with a wrench but is unable to make contact despite a loud clang!
  • Kira then rummages through the van desperately trying to find something to fight with.
  • Trixie pulls her Smith and Wesson from her back pack.
  • Chance begins making hand signs with his gladius in hand then draws them back causing sparks to appear between them.
  • Trent runs towards his amazing pinto!
  • Ed uses his Fubar to open a fire hydrant to blast Chance with water and the cap sennding him flying and knocking Ax over.
  • Elizebeth holsters her weapon having no clear shot.
  • Vivi tries to shoot through the wooden fence at Chance but not having a clear view misses.
  • Dahlia runs up to Chance and shanks him in the leg while he’s down.
  • Ax stands and swings finally making contact.
  • Kira, finding a custom mace, tries to find more weapons and heads for Trent’s pinto looking for more weapons.
  • Trixie steps out onto the sidewalk and shoots at Chance but Chance lifts his gladius and the bullet seems to ricochet off impacting the sidewalk next to him.
  • Chance stand up and makes more hand signs in rapid succession.
  • Trent gets to the trunk of the pinto pops the trunk and gets his shotgun.
  • Ed grabs the fubar and runs behind axes van for cover.
  • Elizabeth also runs away towards her scooter.
  • Vivian slides over the hood of the van Ax style and shoots at Chance hitting the sidewalk instead.
  • Dahlia steps back and tells everyone there is something strange about Chance and tells everyone to run for it.
  • Ax still determined to hit Chance again takes another go at it and hits Chance.
  • Kira jumps into the pinto looking for a better weapon and has no luck.
  • Trixie runs back and hides behind the van finding Ed had already beaten her there.
  • Then Chance makes a window symbol with his hands and spins in a circle and then books it.
  • Trent then jumps in the car and tries to chase Chance in the car but then every thing around the group seemed to be in fast forward but the car was stuck in slow motion.
  • Then suddenly Kira and Trent find themselves sitting on a snow covered parking lot. Looking around, the party sees christmas lights strung up.
  • Every one goes into the bar for answers.
  • Seeing the bar tender with a santa hat causes everybody to pause. After approaching him assking him the obvious questions they find the calendar on the wall with the date: 12/23/16!
  • After figuring they were in the past the party decides to stop the play.
  • They head out to the parking lot and after several attempts hot wire the van. Ax then pushes Trent out of the way for the driver seat.
  • As they peel out of the parking lot a girl on a scooter cuts in front and crashes. Ax barley stops in time before running over elizabeth and her scooter.
  • Not seeming to recognize any one she yells at the group as they push her and her scooter out of the way.
  • When they turn the corner a wall of cars impedes their progress to which Ed yells “To the side walk, awaaaaaayy!”
  • The group each pithes in to get people out of the way expending several rounds to do just that.
  • Trent is forced to stop shooting because of a jam.
  • After everyone gets a turn with the jammed shot gun Trixie manages to get the gun unjammed just before the van reaches its final destination.
  • As Ax floors it to the theater doors Ed Trent and Kira see the group’s counter parts standing in line for the play.
  • Ed and Trent both jump for the wheel attempting to avoid a disastrous butterfly effect.
  • The van veers out of the way with enough force to knock it on its side.
  • Ed gives the door a swift kick and the party jumps out of the van on to the street to find the front of the theater deserted.
Old Places, New Places, and a Chance Meeting

What’s for lunch? Why, pizza is! We find our heroes at Famous Ray’s pizza joint enjoying some lunch when Trixi gets a call from Trent, her husbands half brother who just came into town. Trixi tells him that her husband and kids are missing, she then relays the location of the group to him and he heads over. A few minutes later Trent pulls up to the parlor in his pinto which happens to be the same color as the one the group blew up, everyone notices that but pays it no mind except for Trixi who freaks out “Guys, its the same car!”
“No it’s not it’s just a coincidence.” Ax reassures her. Trent gets out and walks in where he is introduced to most of the group except for Ed who is having bathroom troubles, moments later Trent receives a text from Shawn stating “I’ve got my eye on you now.” After lunch the group splits up, Ax and Vivi head back to the theater, while the rest head to the Black Cat night club. On the way there Vivi fills Ax in on the story they used to get in and where they went while there, when they arrive they run into the director of the theater. Ax using the same story as the others asks to have a look around he agrees and the two head in. Ax follows in the others foot steps going to the same places. He then locates his seat and sits, has a look under it, and finds his ticket stub wedged under the chair complete with chewing gum. Ax then heads up to the balcony for a final look at the theater, while there he starts to hear music. He then heads through the rows of seats, bumps into one of the seat arms, and visions pass in front of him, reminding him of his parents lack of attention which fills him with anger. The two head back out into Ax’s car and head for the night club going a little more than above the speed limit.

The others arrive at the club, Dahlia is the first to reach the door as she reaches for the handle a drunk customer stumbles out, Ax and Vivi drive up , tires screeching, and the group heads in. Trixi asks to speak to the manager and shows him a picture of Bev, to which he responds “look I will tell you the same thing I told the cops I dont know nothing, I wasn’t working that night”. Trixi then asks to see whoever was working, the manager calls to a man named Antonio, Trixi then shows the picture but Antonio cant really see it and asks for a better picture to which Dahlia provides. Antonio then says " Oh yeah that night she was here quiet, and nice compared to the other customers, she was talking to a man." “Who was this man?” says Trixi, “I dont know his name but he is a regular comes in at about 9” responds Antonio. After which most of the group goes to the bar in the night club for some drinks, however most of the group is more interested in pissing off the bar tender save for Ax and Dahlia (who fails to be nice to the Bar tender :P). Trixi anxiously wanders about the club and Vivian is busy looking for cameras to which there is no sign of any. Kira and Trixi both walk over to Vivian and at the same time ask “what are you looking for?” to which Vivi replies. The group then turns to leave the club when Elizabeth burst in full of questions “Where did you guys go?” “Why didnt you wake me up?”, “why did i drive here?” and “who did you guys speak with?”.

The group answers most of her questions, upon hearing the who, she heads over to the bar tender and ask to speak with Antonio, who then answers her follow up questions.
Elizabeth manages to get the cook to give them a description of the man she was talking to. With the additional questions the group has the opportunity to find out that the cook wont be around if they come back, his shift ends at 3, which is only an hour away. The group heads out and prepares to leave when they see someone walk in front of the exit to the parking lot, they recognize the person as Chance who was at the Beekman towers. Chance slows down to a crawl in front of the cars, to which Ax pulls forward as close as he can, without looking Chance slams his hand on the hood of Ax’s van which stops dead. The group gets out to confront him, Dahlia reaches for his shoulder and feels her hand slide right off as it it were made of glass or ice, Ax pulls out his wrench and takes a swing at Chance missing and hitting the fence around the property instead. Trent charges forward and punches at Chance making contact with something a split second before connecting with his chest causing Chance to stumble back. The first impact seemed to have broken something causing the shattered pieces to fall and cut his hand. Chance then turns to Trent and locks eyes seeing a flame rise up in his eyes that almost seemed to actually be on fire, the rest of the party prepares for combat, Chance reaches in his coat and pulls out a gladius and says to Trent “I dont know who you are, but your friends are doomed.”

Will the group be able to find their memories?
Will they be able to save those that were taken?
Will the group have a chance in this fight?
And will Kira remember to bring her weapons?

Darkness Awaits

Oh My Glob You Guys, Drama Bomb!

The whole group discusses and decides to go to the police station to go check on Ed and to see how long it is going to take. Ax does a check of his van to make sure there is no blood evidence he cleans any and all that he sees.

Ed is in the interrogation room shackled to the table and alone. He looks around and suddenly hears a strange noise in his ear that sounds like feedback. He seems to be able to hear what everyone is doing outside the room. He hears a familiar voice yelling at the arresting officer about how he didn’t read Ed his Miranda rights. Wilks comes in and talks to Ed and Ed demands to be released. As Wilks is unlocking the handcuffs he asks Ed if he’d be willing to answer any questions. Ed says that they have not been very nice and ends up leaving and not cooperating in any way.

The group- Dahlia, Trixie, and Kira go into the police station and meet up with Ed while the others wait outside.
Ed and Dahlia go to his jeep and Kira and Trixie go back to their vehicles. The police take all the contraband from Ed’s truck and Ed threatens Wilks with the recording he made of his arrest. Wilks said he can go but will be brought back if anything comes up about the open cases. The police release the jeep. Ed and Dahlia search the vehicle and find the grenades and Dahlia’s folder to be gone.

We all go to the shop and Ed texts Shawn about what happened at the police station. Ed asks if Shawn can change the pictures and Shawn says that he can change the text but not the pictures. Ed asks him to change it to a Christmas list and to say complete at the end of the list for those with an “X” on their picture. We send Shawn a cumulative credit card statement to tie the gifts to. Ed also calls his lawyer Jeremy Hunt. Shawn calls Ed back and says that he can’t change the files unless he is closer to them. Shawn wants to go to the police department but he needs someone to cause a distraction.
The group decides to put the gato soaked in gas in a car and crash it into the Beekman tower parking garage and burn the body and the car. Everybody gathers up oil, fuel, and rags and we get into the van with the dead vato. We are all wearing gloves and Ax is covering his license plate of his van. We find a clunker and set everything up and we accidentally put it in reverse where it crashes into another car before we get it going. We finally get it to crash but it doesn’t spark. Ax tears off a sleeve of his shirt and lights it with a lighter. He then throws it at the car but it falls short. He tries again using his other sleeve but this time he walks towards the vehicle and throws it as it lights the heavily fumed air. We are all waiting in the van as Ax runs backand gets in. Then, as we leave a few of the wrecked cars explode and we drive away from the scene and to lunch at a pizza parlor. We hear sirens galore as we get out and walk into the pizza place.

Cops and Thespians

*Ax looks for a place to dispose of the body

*Everyone grabs their own respective things preparing to head out as Dahlia the “sleepy head” wakes up. We filled her in on what transpired while she was unconscious.

*Everyone loaded up their cars and headed to the theater in a convoy fashion and parked in a nearby parking garage

*Ed made sure to replace the grenade that he used at last fight as Dahlia straps a couple knifes to her legs. Vivi and Kira grabs their bags to join up. Trixabella made sure to put a gun in her purse before joining up with the others.

*The story the group decided to use about why they were there is that every one of them were theater students. The first person they all talked to was the janitor in the lobby. They talked to him about the director of wicket. The janitor ended up getting the manager down to the lobby to talk with us.

*The talk went on for a bit and we ended up convincing him to give us some info which included a number of lady carter. He ends up giving us his card before leaving his name is Mario Bertenelli

*Mario allowed the group into the theater. Kira gets shocked by a seat and remembers a part of the play that she found enjoyable. Later on the whole group starts remembering parts of the that they stuck with them the best.

*The group started making their way to the stage. Dahlia and Trixabella talk to each other on the stage about the fact some things started coming back.

*The group moves backstage Ed ends up searching around while Trixabella tries a cord the cord does nothing. Ed does end up finding a Pamphlet for the play.

*Trixabella and Ed go to the front. Dahlia picks the lock of the managers door but ends up getting the bobby pin stuck. Kira has to then take the bobby pin out of the door. Both Dahlia and Vivian search the office they find a Rolodex and some pamphlets.

*Everyone leaves together in their respective cars. Dahlia and Ed end up getting pulled over and asked about Eds missing wife. Both of them were patted down and Ed was also asked questions about the meeting with the chief. Vivian called Kira to relay the info about them being pulled over. Ed got taken in by the cop and Dahlia was left there where she saw Trixabella on the side of the road.

The ballad of Ugly McCreeper pants Or, How I tortured a vato using an Ice tray.

We come back to our characters mid conversation with Shawn (Not real name. Name was mentioned but was disregarded due to pronounciation blunders) Shawn mentions to the party that Ed and Dahlia will return in 7 minutes and 23 seconds. Of which all will be explained.

Ed manages to find Dahlia, collapsed from blood loss on the side of the road. Of which he scoops her up and places her into his jeep to cart her back. Upon reaching Ax’s garage, he unloads her and carries her into the main Atrium. Of which he sees Ugly McCreeper pants, better referenced as Shawn. Ed asks for help from the lot to provide medical attention, Trixie asks SHawn to do what he did for Kira. Shawn responds by mentioning the trick can only be done once per day. Dahlia is patched up by the party.

Shawn begins by mentioning his role in the campaign. That he is a preventative measure of sorts to keep people like the shrink Neil Richards from obtaining political power. He also referenced that in the coming weeks, major changes in the structure of the way things are will come about. Some of those changes are inevitable, others have to be prevented at all costs. That’s where we come in.

He tells us that he’s worked with several groups in the past, most of which end up either dying or turning against him when pitted against opponents. Ed makes mention that he does not trust the man and presently there is no reason that the lot of us had to help. No bridge of trust had been gaped. Shawn in turn gives us the location of Beverly, Ed’s wife as well as Trixie’s husband and kids (Who have since been kidnapped since their last appearance). Apparently residing on the 71st floor of the Beekman Tower. He gives this info with the condition that we do not go there yet as it would be detrimental to the scope of the operation and quite possibly Beverly and Samual’s health. Before any rescue attempt is made, the first thing that needs to be done is the recall of all of our memories. Shawn places great importance that this needs to be done as soon as possible by visiting any locations possible that might trigger memory.

Shawn updates us that Neil was the one that placed each background check and also has a hand in the reason why the each of us are in the predicament we happen to be in. Shawn mentions he might not be the leader of the lot, but he has some sort of role in it. He also mentions that the previous meeting the party had with him was a misdirect. That rather than reference future appointments that were meant to happen, he managed to get us to back off with paperwork from previous appointments with not him but our personal psychiatrists.

While this is going on, Ed gets another call from Mr. Wilks the detective. Ed lets it ring over. Shawn makes the mention that at some point, contact needs to be made with the detective, but that right now he happens to be a prime suspect.

Shortly afterwards, Shawn leaves and the party turns their attention to more localized happenings. Trixie, Kira, and Liz all tag over to Trixie’s home where they find that the house is empty. No signs of struggling. Some supplies are picked up before returning to the garage.

Meanwhile, Ax and Ed take the abducted prisoner and question him using fake torture methods. (A blow torch, Ice, a steak and a rather convincing story) Doing this, they ask the man about the empty apartment in the ghetto where Ed was asked to meet up with Shawn from before. The Gang banger didn’t know a thing, which leads one to believe the appartment was just being used as a throw away that had no connections to Shawn. Seeing no connection and no importance, Ed clubs the man. Following that, the two wrap him in trashbags and prepares him for disposal.

It’s here that the rest of the party comes back and finds Ed and Ax bagging the man. Trixie begins to ask question about why we were doing that, why we had to kill him, etc etc. Ed responds back that the action wasn’t up for debate and that right now the prisoner is a loose end that ties the party to a chain of murders, breaking and entering, and destruction of private property. Eliza agrees to this.

After this, plans are put into play to visit the Theater which showed wicked from before in hopes that it will trigger some form of memory recall.

BIG Bada Boom
We return to our heroes split up between the hallway of the apartment complex, and the parking lot below. As it so happens, they are both locked in a bit of a Mexican standoff with two groups of Vatos. Dahlia, Vivi, and Trixie each face off with one while Ed starts fiddling around in his coat. Kira looks quite pleased with herself because the guys were obviously hitting on her. With guns drawn, dahlia decides to try and be a badass, and it winds up getting Kira shot, incapacitating her and puncturing a lung. In the parking lot, a tough looking guy with a crowbar tells ax that he wants his van. Ax grabs the crowbar, and they start fighting over it. Liz draws her gun and points it at one of the other Vatos. He advances on her and she shoots him. Then she decides to fire a warning shot Into the wall.

Ax manages to rake the Vatos shin and stomp on his foot, causing him to lose his grip on the crowbar and step back.

Upstairs, Ed charges one of the Vatos and drops an object down his pants. Seeing what it was, most of the group dives for cover. Dahlia in the stairwell, Kira on the floor, and Ed dives into the room, shutting the door behind him. The vato starts doing a funky chicken dance as he desperately tries to get the now live grenade out of his pants. He manages to get the grenade out, but not soon enough. BOOM! The standing Vatos are thrown here and there, there is a charred spot where the grenade was,and the apartment door is now dented and loose on the frame. Plaster and dust start raining down on everyone. The dust starts to clear, and we see a couple of the Vatos on the ground, not looking too hot. One gets up and starts heading downstairs. Coming around the corner, he sees dahlia and shoots her. Kira hears this, and heroically gets up, grabs a gun and takes aim, shooting him in the neck, spraying dahlia with blood. Ed waits in the room while one of the vatos opens the door. He attacks him, and decides to use the door and wall to repeatedly beat the guys head in. before he can act Vivian stands, magnum in hand, and shoots the guy in ed’s hands making him go limp. Ed, still determined to hurt the Vato he has his mits on pulls the guys head to his knee obliterating his nose up into his brain and tosses him backwards. when the vato lands the damaged and charred floor gives way and he continues through from the third floor to the second. Downstairs, Liz is facing one vato with her gun out, and ax is holding the crowbar. Ax takes a clumsy swing with the crowbar, and misses the vato, who pulls out a gun and shoots him. Liz and the vato exchange a few rounds, both taking at least one gunshot wound. Looking up at the vato who shot him, ax wipes blood from his wound across his face and charges him, throwing the crowbar aside. With a tackle worthy of Demarcus Ware, ax lifts the guy up and slams him to the ground. Knocking him unconscious and proceeding to beat his face in.

After beating the vato unconscious, ax gets up to make sure that no one else is a danger to him or Liz. He watches Liz draw on the last man standing (well running) and shoot him. the vato falls to the ground and skids a few feet on his face. Ax grabs the (almost) dead Vatos gun and safeties it, putting it in his waistband.

Turning to Liz, he asks if she has handcuffs.

Looking confused, she says “of course not. I’m not trusted with handcuffs”
Ax shrugs and goes looking in his van for rope to restrain the remaining Vatos before they wake up.
Ax heads to his van and sees dahlia run outside and vanish down the road.
In the stairwell the last vatohican decides that it will be best if he vacate the premises and runs away. Kira decides that since he wont stay, he needs to be shot. She shoots him in the leg and he drops against the door.

Ed decides this would be a great time to loot all the things and starts gathering weapons with trixie. Liz guards the door to the apt complex, and ax starts binding the Vatos outside with the brand new roll of duct tape.

Using the duct tape, he forms a half hogtie by binding the guys right hand and left leg.

Inside Vato 6 sits up against the door and shoots at Kira. Gets a lucky hit and manages to shoot her in the thigh. She collapses and falls to the floor. Seeing this through the door, Liz yells NOO!! And opens the door, causing vato 6 to fall back onto the ground where she shoots him directly in the head, leaving a hole only big enough to watch his brain ooze out. Back outside Ax nods in approval at the gooey vato and moves to tie the faceless vato in the same manner. Trixie moves into the stairwell where Kira is dying. Liz attempts to heal her through the power of physical punishment Ax stops her and tells her don’t do that! The present group (ax, Liz, trixie, and Vivian) get together to tray and save Kira.

Successfully stopping her from dying, they decide to loot the rest of the bodies.
Ax turns up a small baggie of white powder which he pockets and trixie finds a syringe of golden liquid which she promptly smashes on the ground. Sirens approach in the background. Ax tells Ed that he will need to skedaddle and suggests trying to pick up dahlia before she bleeds out.
The group takes the living vato and throw him into the van, rendezvousing back at ax’s shop.
They hook up the vato to the engine hoist, and put a bag over his head.

The group decides that Kira needs medical treatment and begin gathering supplies and medicines, as they are gathering the supplies music starts playing. Trixie recognizes it as a song from wicked but no one can tell where it is coming from and most of them come to the preposterous conclusion that it is coming from inside their head. While we are pondering where the music is coming from, a visitor walks down the stairs wearing a long black cloak and black gloves. He appears to be horribly scarred, similar to a car crash victim. Everyone gets defensive some even pull guns. When he speaks he is just barely able to be heard above the music and he asks,

“Where are the other two?”
to which Trixie responded “I thought you were keeping tabs on all of us?”
“Ed and dahlia will arrive in 7 minutes and 24 seconds, that was a test of trust.”
“can you at least turn down the music?” trixie responded.
“it’s for our own protection i can’t sorry.” he responds
“who the hell are you!?” Liz demanded
“why don’t you go upstairs and make some more tea so you can dump it down the drain in a little bit.”
he then turned his back on her to talk to the rest of the group.
“can you help Kira?” vivian asked
“absolutly” and at that he approached kira and raised his hands to calm her and the others.
she suddenly feels a rush of amazement and a surge of refreshment. one of the pieces of duct tape used to help some of the bleeding fell and there was barely a scar left.
he steps away and returns to the spot he stood moments before. just before he began speaking again elizabeth jumped at him from behind but it seemed as if she fell through him and to the floor. the two lock gazes and then liz goes stone faced and heads upstairs without another word. as everyone tries to interject with more questions he lashes out in a rather gentle voice,
“We don’t have time for this and the longer it takes for you to learn this the less time I have to help you.”

To be continued…

Speaking of Creepy Old Men....

(We return with Edward who had previously left Dahlia in a hurry.) Edward’s phone begins to ring and the screen lights up with the name “Barnaby Wilks”; The cop with whom he had been putting off meeting. He sighed and decided its either time to come up with another explanation, or finally meet with this asshole. After a short conversation with Mr. Wilks, Edward agrees to meet him at 10am. Seconds after ending his call with Mr. Wilks, the phone screen lights up again, “Important”. Edward smirks, he somewhat enjoys his conversations with this mystery man.

  • “N” says something along the lines of " Edddwarrddd..I don’t think you should meet with the cop. Meet me at 10 am on the Corner of 22nd and Barnaby. It’s across the street from an abandoned warehouse."
  • Edward scoffs," Are you screening my phone calls?"
  • N- " Something like that. See you then." -Call ends

Ax, who was having a wonderful nap about a mystery waitress gets awakened by a phone call from Trixie. Half asleep, he agrees to meet Trixie and the group at the Beekman Tower.

The group is all on their way to the tower. Unsure of where Edward is at the moment, and planning to meet Ax. The morning has been long, all awakened from “that dream”.. Everybody feels the effect of having little to no sleep and Kira begins to drift off. Just as quickly as Kira begins to fall asleep, she wakes up; an eerily similar dream haunted her nap. Just as well, they had arrived at the tower and waited for Ax to arrive.

  • Trixie-" We need to go to the 40th floor"
    Dahlia decides to give Ed a call to see where he is.
  • Ed- " Where did you go?"
  • Dahlia-" You left first! We’re at the Beekman tower. Parking level B. Wanna meet us here?"
  • Ed-Ignores question. " You’re a real douche."
  • Dahlia- " So are you." Call ends.
    Trixie receives a text from Ed confirming that he will be meeting them at the tower. After waiting a short while everybody meets up and is updated on the status of the tower: 40th floor, symmetry, yadda yadda yadda. Time to get in the elevator and see what all of this is about.
    When they get in the elevator, Trixie pushes 40th floor and “Careless Whisper” begins to play.
  • Dahlia-" I like this song." Hums along.. A few others join in.

ding The doors open on the 40th floor. Everything was as Trixie described, complete symmetry down to every last detail excluding the sign above the receptionist’s desk reading, "Beekman Industries on two lines. And at the end of the lobby and completely symmetrical, an eerily beautiful woman.. but she’s the one from the dreams. Ed, who wants to get to the bottom of this, swallows his fears and marches up to the woman and stands “in-her-bubble” close to her.

  • Ed-“I believe we have an appointment.”
  • Woman-" I’m sorry. But you don’t have any appointments left."
  • Ed-" Your expression would say otherwise."
  • Woman seems nervous and unnerved. " Well..Since you don’t have any more appointments, would you like to make another one? What day and time works best for you?"
  • Ed-" As soon as possible."
  • Dahlia-" How about now?"
    *Ed, Trixie- " yeah"
  • Woman seems even more frustrated and picks up one of the phones on the desk. She whispers into the phone and only Ed and few others are able to hear her." He can see you now. Go down the hall." as she points to everyones right “last door on the left” she smiles.
    Ed-" Thanks, you’re a peach." As he’s leaving, he walks over to one of the symmetrical vases and turns it upside down and watches as the woman’s half-smile turns to a frown.

The walk down the hall seemed like it would never end, when they looked ahead it seemed like a mile long. But behind them, it didn’t look like they had walked that far at all.

  • whisper in group. “Somethin’s going on here.” But, they finally made it to the door, and Ed gently knocked while Trixie just opened the door and they all walked in.

The room was dark and an Elderly vagrant-looking man was standing in front of the desk.
*Dahlia- " Are you the asshole that’s been sending us all the texts and calling us?"
*Old man turns around angrily. " EXCUSE ME, I was here first!"
*Man at desk-" Chance it’s alright. I’ll see you next week same as always 6:00"
Old man nods and makes his way out, glaring at everybody in the group as he leaves. There was something so similar about his face.. They had all seen him somewhere before.

Snow fell all around as the crowded Theatre emptied the showing of “Wicked”. The group all enjoyed the show thoroughly and decided that this would be the perfect time to buy gifts for loved ones; since it was a few days before X-mas. Everybody bought items and were beat from their shopping spree. They returned to the parking garage laughing and talking about the play. As they turned the corner onto their level Ax bumped into the same elderly homeless man making him fall. As the man got up and dusted himself off he smiled and whispered something, as if from another language under his breath. He then ran off and was seen taking a phone out of his pocket as he turned a corner and disappeared into the powdery darkness of N.Y.

  • Trixie stops the man before he leaves.-" Excuse me, were you in downtown NY near the Theatre on the 23rd?"
    *Chance- " It is the 23rd."
  • Trixie corrects him-" No I’m sorry, I meant of December."
    *Chance- " No, I’ve never seen you before" and rushes out of the room.

Ed scoffs as the old man leaves and calmly walks towards the desk and sees the man behind it, gut wrenchingly familiar.
*Ed-" Last time I saw you there was a lot more blood on your face. How’s that doing?"
*Neil Richards-" Good. Thank’s for asking." smirks, " How’s Bev?"
*Ed clenches his fists and tightens his jaw. " I was going to ask you the same thing to be frank."
*Neil-" I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about." Turns away from Ed and towards Kira.He smiles. “Been a while”
*Kira- " Yup."
*Neil-“Last time I saw you, you were wearing a lot… less.”
*Ed interrupts. " I want all of our appointments with you from the last 6 months."
*Neil scoffs." No I can’t do that."
Vivi knows that this man is a womanizer and Trixie wants to be useful so they both try to help Ed into persuading him for the information.
*Neil-“Look it’s complicated, you have all been seeing my colleagues for your amnesia and depression and I can’t give you your files because I don’t have them her-”
*Ed, Trixie-“you can’t keep our files from us they’re ours and what your doing is against the law”
*Neil-“eh…yes…I don’t have them but i’ll get them faxed. The receptionist in the lobby will give them to you when they come in.”

Back in the lobby they await the appointment papers. Ed stands menacingly close to the vase he turned over before. Dahlia sits on one of the couches with her feet up on the seat. After they all mess with the receptionist for a good while and make fun of her eerily symmetrical face, the faxes start to arrive one by one. After everybody has their papers From the psychiatrists Ed smiles at the lady.
Ed-" You’re a peach." Smiles and winks. Everybody returns to the parking garage.

Whilst in the parking garage , Ed brings everybody up to speed on the meeting with “N” and inquires what the group would like to do next. It is agreed that they will all stake-out the building where they are to meet this “important caller”.

In two different cars they arrive at the warehouse. But not before Dahlia and Elizabeth have a little back to back catty argument in the Prius. This part of NY is very dark and dreary; it’s a very rundown part of the city. This is indeed the “ghetto”.

*Ed-" Well, how are we going to do this? We need some people to go inside and some to stay with the cars."
*Ax raises his hand, " I’ll stay with the cars."
*Elizabeth chimes in, " I will too. I have my pistol." Pulls out her 9mm..

The rest of the group carefully walks into the rundown apartment complex.
*Ed-" It’s apartment 17 on the 3rd floor."
Knock Knock Knock No answer. They try the other tenants around the area. Knock Knock No answer from any of the other apartments.
Vivi-" I could put up a camera." She finds the perfect spot to put a camera, but as she’s reaching up to place it she notices the cobwebs and spiders in the corner and flips out smashing her hand through the decomposing drywall.

Ed-" Well, maybe we’re just too early. Lets go back out to the cars and wait till it’s actually 10am." But as soon as they start walking down the hall Apt 14 opens and 3 men step out. All of these men are Gangster-esque with facial tattoos, shaved heads, etc. They catcall the women in the group but Kira was the only one that acknowledged them. They continue walking.

as they pass, the three men grab Vivi, Dahlia, and Trixie. Dahlia quickly grabs her attacked by the sleeve of his stained wife-beater.
*Dahlia-" Do not fucking touch me."
And hardly before she had a chance to finish the sentence, a gun was pointed at her face.

Meanwhile. Ax and Elizabeth just chat outside. Elizabeth questions about the Prius, " Powered by rainbows, huh? interesting. I didn’t know you could do that." She looks up and equally menacing men with pipes, chains, and bats start walking up to the cars towards Ax.

Vato-" Hey, I like your car man. I want it."
Ax-" yeah man. They’re great on gas. You should get one."
Vato-" No man. I don’t think you understand me. I like Your car. I want this one." gesturing to his off-road van.

Where did everybody go?!?

After leaving the restaurant, Ax places a quick call to Trixie and determines that almost everyone is at his shop.
After paying the bill (which he plans to get reimbursed for) he heads back to the shop.

Back at the shop, Kira calls Vivian to get let into the apartment and gets hung up on. She then considers breaking into the garage using her katana. Assessing the situation, she decides to climb up the second floor instead. As Kira is climbing up the wall, Vivian hears a noise outside. After looking, she sees Kira hanging on the side of the building. Vivian shakes her head and closes the window. Kira then jumps back down to the ground, doing a backflip onto the building across the way and spider manning the rest of the way down.

Elizabeth confronts Vivian about the folder with the itinerary and the pictures. Vivian of course doesn’t consciously remember anything about the folder

Trixie and Vivian start discussing the folder trying to figure out what is going on with it, why Edward’s wife is crossed out and what the signature is.

Ax arrives at the shop, and sees Kira’s car parked at an angle in front of the shops doors. He calls Kira and tells her to move her car or it will be moved for her. He then parks in his spot and heads inside.

The girls head out to pick up Dahlia, and Ax decides to stay behind (he doesn’t trust Kira) and do some research on the theater where they saw the play in December.

- hidden curtain theater
- built in 1801
- fire in 1917
- no one was killed, but it had to be rebuilt
- theater was closed for a year
- owner died in 2012
- Taken over by the latest son
- constantly been owned by the same family
- owned by the Bertanelli family

The girls arrive at Dahlia’s (after some bitchy maneuvering by Elizabeth) and pick her up. While gathering her stuff, Dahlia finds an envelope of her own with the same photos and itinerary.

The girls decide they are going to go investigate the Beekman tower since its about to open for the day.

Ax is expecting the girls to return with Dahlia, so he prints out the information he found, locks the doors, and heads upstairs to wait for them. He kicks back on the couch and turns on the news, dozing off after a few minutes.

Folders folders EVERYWHERE!!

Kira gets an exchange text with the mysterious stranger which reads “that hurt”
Trixie investigates the tower to see which one she’s seeing in her memory gap

Dahlia talks to the cop about Beverly and finds out she is a suspect in her disappearance

Dahlia calls Edward to talk about her conversation with the cop and receives a text from the Mysterious stranger thanking her for talking to Edward

Edward gets together a bag filled with survival type things and his only can of carrots

Trixie, Kira, and Vivi leave a very early breakfast and leave the bill to an Ax who was stuck in the restroom

Trixie drops Kira off at her house

Trixie narrows the tower possibilities to 15

Edward is now at Dahlia’s house and shows the info he found to Dahlia
Edward uses Dahlia’s phone to text the Mysterious stranger who calls his bluff to go to the police

Kira Grabs a backpack fills it with food and weapons and leaves to go back to Vivi’s house

Vivi starts grabbing pistols and tells Elizabeth to go get the bug out bags when she came back she has a folder with everybody’s face and info in it

Kira found a folder under her seat with the same info in it that Vivi and Edward has then she heads to Vivi’s house

Dahlia gets ready to go

Trixie finds that the tower shes looking for is beekman tower and the floor that is perfectly symmetrical there has the name Beekman industries but has not relayed this finding to anyone yet

The Breakfast of Champions

3:30 am
Vivi and Ax prepair to head out for breakfast, Kira decides to tag along so they head out to a restaurant called “Alice’s Tea Cup chap. 2”. Meanwhile Trixie tries to get a little more sleep but ends up having a second helping of the unnerving dream. Finally giving up on getting any more sleep tonight she calls Edward, the two discuss Edward’s plan for the day and agree to meet at Ax’s garage at 8am. Trixi then calls Vivi to check on Dalia and to see if perhaps she could remember going to see the play or perhaps any other information. Edward on the other hand began to carefully look through the envelope and he discovers a long shot picture of his wife is within and has a large “X” over it, behind it is her daily routine, he then finds that the entire group that went to see the play on the 23rd is also pictured along with their daily routine. Below each picture is a sloppy signature the only letter Edward is able to identify is the first an “N”, he then attempts to gather finger prints from the envelope and from within his jeep.
3:40 am
The other 3 arrive at the restaurant and sit down to eat Ax in his usual manner hits on the waitress and after a brief misunderstanding is rejected. Trixie unable to find anything to occupy her mind calls Vivi to get the location of the restaurant and meet with them early. After Trixie arrives the group discuss matters related to the odd dream and to what happened after the 23rd. Meanwhile Edward managed to pull a few finger prints and found that they were all from the same person, he then calls his wife’s Lieutenatnt Barnaby Wilks to try and present what was found in his jeep they agree to meet at Wilk’s place. Edward then gets a mysterious call. The voice on the other end tells Edward that he has been keeping a close eye on Edward since the 23rd when some agreement was made, he then says that calling Wilks was a bad move, and before Edward can get any more information the call ends.
4:00 am
The others continue to discuss events when Kira decides to return a call to a friend in Japan at which time she relays her dream to her friend, in fluent Japanese, soon after her call ends the group all receives the same strange call as Edward. The voice says that Edward is in trouble and is about to be arrested, Trixi then tries to call Edward to warn him, but Edward just brushes her off. Edward then hangs up and compares his finger prints to the ones he pulled, and discovers that they belong to him, he then gets in his jeep and heads over to Wilks’.

Mysterious calls
Someone following the group
and Breakfast
what could it all mean?
what lies in wait?
and what happened one month ago?
Darkness Awaites


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