March of the End Days-Multi-System (MtA, GtS-E, VtR, WtF, CtL)

Folders folders EVERYWHERE!!

Kira gets an exchange text with the mysterious stranger which reads “that hurt”
Trixie investigates the tower to see which one she’s seeing in her memory gap

Dahlia talks to the cop about Beverly and finds out she is a suspect in her disappearance

Dahlia calls Edward to talk about her conversation with the cop and receives a text from the Mysterious stranger thanking her for talking to Edward

Edward gets together a bag filled with survival type things and his only can of carrots

Trixie, Kira, and Vivi leave a very early breakfast and leave the bill to an Ax who was stuck in the restroom

Trixie drops Kira off at her house

Trixie narrows the tower possibilities to 15

Edward is now at Dahlia’s house and shows the info he found to Dahlia
Edward uses Dahlia’s phone to text the Mysterious stranger who calls his bluff to go to the police

Kira Grabs a backpack fills it with food and weapons and leaves to go back to Vivi’s house

Vivi starts grabbing pistols and tells Elizabeth to go get the bug out bags when she came back she has a folder with everybody’s face and info in it

Kira found a folder under her seat with the same info in it that Vivi and Edward has then she heads to Vivi’s house

Dahlia gets ready to go

Trixie finds that the tower shes looking for is beekman tower and the floor that is perfectly symmetrical there has the name Beekman industries but has not relayed this finding to anyone yet

The Breakfast of Champions

3:30 am
Vivi and Ax prepair to head out for breakfast, Kira decides to tag along so they head out to a restaurant called “Alice’s Tea Cup chap. 2”. Meanwhile Trixie tries to get a little more sleep but ends up having a second helping of the unnerving dream. Finally giving up on getting any more sleep tonight she calls Edward, the two discuss Edward’s plan for the day and agree to meet at Ax’s garage at 8am. Trixi then calls Vivi to check on Dalia and to see if perhaps she could remember going to see the play or perhaps any other information. Edward on the other hand began to carefully look through the envelope and he discovers a long shot picture of his wife is within and has a large “X” over it, behind it is her daily routine, he then finds that the entire group that went to see the play on the 23rd is also pictured along with their daily routine. Below each picture is a sloppy signature the only letter Edward is able to identify is the first an “N”, he then attempts to gather finger prints from the envelope and from within his jeep.
3:40 am
The other 3 arrive at the restaurant and sit down to eat Ax in his usual manner hits on the waitress and after a brief misunderstanding is rejected. Trixie unable to find anything to occupy her mind calls Vivi to get the location of the restaurant and meet with them early. After Trixie arrives the group discuss matters related to the odd dream and to what happened after the 23rd. Meanwhile Edward managed to pull a few finger prints and found that they were all from the same person, he then calls his wife’s Lieutenatnt Barnaby Wilks to try and present what was found in his jeep they agree to meet at Wilk’s place. Edward then gets a mysterious call. The voice on the other end tells Edward that he has been keeping a close eye on Edward since the 23rd when some agreement was made, he then says that calling Wilks was a bad move, and before Edward can get any more information the call ends.
4:00 am
The others continue to discuss events when Kira decides to return a call to a friend in Japan at which time she relays her dream to her friend, in fluent Japanese, soon after her call ends the group all receives the same strange call as Edward. The voice says that Edward is in trouble and is about to be arrested, Trixi then tries to call Edward to warn him, but Edward just brushes her off. Edward then hangs up and compares his finger prints to the ones he pulled, and discovers that they belong to him, he then gets in his jeep and heads over to Wilks’.

Mysterious calls
Someone following the group
and Breakfast
what could it all mean?
what lies in wait?
and what happened one month ago?
Darkness Awaites

Hot Tea and Hotter Clues

In the wake of the nightmare the party slowly begins to come to the realization that things are not as they appear. Slowly, various members of the party come to the realization that the lot of them have completely lost track of the last month of their lives. While the entire scope of how much has been effected since the characters last awoke has not been discovered, each of them have come to the understanding that something isn’t quite right.

Edward, upon waking up finds his Wife Beverly missing and a note on the counter reading: “Gone out, phone’s about to die. If you need me call Kitty.” The part that catches his eye however is the date on the note, 12/23 as it lists a date a month prior to what his phone seems to read 1/23. A layer of dust on the paper confirms the entry. Ed Spares little time sending a phone call out to his sister in Law.

Kitty, following the horror of the dream is met by a investigator from the NYPD, Officer Miles Brandole, who questions her on the missing persons report of her sister. A report that she had been completely unresponsive to the prospect of assisting the department including today. After just enough questions to leave the details more hazy than what they began at, the detective leaves the woman his card. Kitty follows the meeting by attempting to retrace the dream, only to find that recollecting it is overwhelming. A flood of a headache surges into her mind and she passes out.

Naturally, Ed’s call never connects. Seeing a reoccurring theme here, the unemployed bartender moves to check the call logs of his phone. He notices that several calls have been missed on a daily basis from his battle buddy, Sam. Ed decides to give the man a call.

Trixie on the other hand wakes up to a life that hasn’t seemed to slow down with her lack of coherency. Coming to on her end, Her husband Samuel Evergreen is shocked by her apparent new found awareness. After a talk she discovers that ever since going to a play about a month ago, she has been completely out of the ordinary. She sleeps all the time, she had completely disregarded the kids (Actually forgetting about them and leaving them at daycare one time) and when placed in couples therapy she is completely unresponsive to the counselor. Sam and Ed catch up for a moment and compare symptoms, nothing in detail but enough to change Mr. Evergreen’s thoughts that his wife’s condition was faked (Or blown out of proportion). While revealing, neither party had any knowledge of where Beverly Hammond might have vanished to.

Shortly following the discussion with Sam, Ed’s phone rings once more. Kitty, all the while had since come to from her fainting spell and noticed the latest call on her phone. The two don’t compare notes as to their condition and keep the conversation based around the missing Beverly. Apparently the last Kitty can recall, Beverly had opted out of going to see a showing of the Broadway “Wicked” the month before and instead opted Ed to go in her place. While Kitty did not know anything as to Beverly’s whereabouts, she brings Ed up to speed that the girl had been missing for the last month. She also informs him about the others who tagged along to the showing.

One name in particular caught Ed’s memory. “Ax” Ironwood, a mechanic who had done some work on his Jeep a few months before. Ed gives a call to the mechanic, not entirely realizing it’s 3 AM. Strangely enough, the mechanic picks up. While nothing is conveyed about the nature of the pair’s condition or Beverly, introductions are made and a meet up is scheduled later in the day for some work on the jeep. After inspecting the Jeep, the gas meter had been filled and all fluids topped off (A noted change from the last time he had recalled driving it). Looking between the seats revealed an envelope that had been placed there by an unknown party.

While other events did occur in the branches of other characters, It mainly involved the incredibly detailed event of making tea.

In conclusion the following is understood:

The characters have been in a sort of zombie mode since seeing the Broadway “Wicked”. While nothing can be remembered about the play proper, the characters can remember that something wasn’t as it seemed about the performance.

Beverly Hammond is missing, and has been for the last month. A missing person report had been filed several weeks before.

Any recollection of the dream is met with dread, pain, and bashing damage. It’s not pleasant to recall.

Vala Chambers can not successfully drink tea.

3:00 am

As you sleep you feel a tickle on your cheek, it moves across your face towards your chin and then back across to your ear. You realize it is actually someone caressing you with their fingertips, as you open your eyes you see a gorgeous woman sitting at your bedside. You feel as if you’ve seen her before. as you search your memory for her place in your life you come across the time when you were sick for weeks and taken care of in a similar fashion by your:
Dahlia: mother that abandoned you.
Trixie: mother that was murdered.
Vala: caring birth mother.
Vivian: the hospital nurses.
Edward: mother when she was upset.
Ax: Grandfather right before he passed.
You look down at yourself and you’re shocked to see your old pajamas you used to wear and how small your hands and feet are. you’re actually not afraid of the current circumstances even as the caressing presses down harder. it begins to cause a discomfort in you but you’re still as calm as ever. you allow the rough caressing of your cheek to continue when you feel a pinch and a warm wetness spread across your cheek. you reach up to your cheek and feel nothing at if your hand was numb to your own face. when you pull your hand away from your cheek its covered in red liquid that drips down your arm onto your sheets. you feel another pinch and a tear, you feel something fall onto your chest. as you look down you see a chunk of flesh torn and bloody, a rush of absolute freezing terror rushes through you to every part of your body. you look back to the woman with tears welling in your eyes and you see that she is no longer woman as much as she is a horrid monstrosity. as the tears fall from your eyes down to your ripped cheek the salt stings the wounds. the hideous monster woman brings the torn flesh to her mouth and takes a wet bite that leaves her teeth bloody and stained. you try to cry out for help but your voice is choked by the tears and terror. the woman reaches back to you and takes another chunk of flesh and blood from the other cheek and again takes a big juicy bite of it letting the blood spill down her chin. as the pain stings you to your core you look back to the woman as her jaw unhinges and she opens her mouth wider and wider until all you can see is the gaping maw and her rancid blood stained teeth. as she leans in to swallow you whole you wake from the awful dream. you are sitting up in your bed and you hear an awful scream echoing through your residence when you finally realize your throat is raw, your head is tilted back and your mouth is held wide open.

The party wakes up at exactly 3:00 am scattered around the city of New York in a bed or on a couch. It seems everyone has had the same exact nightmare but they each relate to it in a different tender way from their pasts. As per initiative Dahlia Valentine woke first in her apartment all alone in near pitch darkness. She tries to locate a flashlight but comes up empty handed and sore footed. Dahlia goes back to her bed and grabs her phone as a light source. She checks, by the light of her phone, her windows and door for signs of a break-in but finds a layer of undisturbed dust instead. After the brief security check she flips on a light and heads to the kitchen to grab a beer to calm her nerves. As she walks to the kitchen she texts Trixie to see if she is still up and tells her she had a horrible dream. Dahlia grabs a beer from the fridge, puts her hand on the cap and hears a loud knock on the door.

Vala Chambers awoke second and was disoriented by the unfamiliar ceiling she gaped at. After realizing she had crashed for the night on Vala’s couch she stands up and stumbles through the dark to the bathroom. There are two distinct voices screaming an unearthly screech as she flips on the light and splashes water on her face to get a grip. One of the voices stops and she exits the bathroom to see Elizabeth running to the stairwell that leads to Ax’s auto shop. A few seconds later Vivian walks into the room and the two ask each other what’s going on. The third voice goes quiet and the two compare details of the nightmare as they walk to the kitchen for sustenance. Vala is disappointed to find only mustard, bread and bologna in the fridge and settles for a cup of tea.

Vivian Nightray is the third member to wake up, as she does she is being shaken by a very scared Elizabeth Holdenn. Elizabeth asks her whats going on and if she is okay, after Vivi says she alright Elizabeth shoots out of the room yelling about checking on Ax. It is when she is all alone that she realizes there is a terrible screaming through the house. She gets up, dons a robe, and checks all the windows and doors but there is no sign of entry. The screeching stops and she enters the living room where she sees Vala standing outside of the bathroom. they strike up a conversation about the current circumstances comparing their dreams. After a brief interchange she heads into the kitchen, fills and places a kettle on the stove. They are both joined by Elizabeth who starts getting teas out of the cabinets. Vivi then offers Vala a cup of tea and she begrudgingly accepts.

Arelexian Ironwood wakes fourth and immediately wipes his face on his sheets to remove any blood. He stumbles around in the dark for a light source when Elizabeth bursts through the door asking if he’s all right. After he assures her he’s okay by flipping on the light and looking back to his sheets for confirmation Elizabeth runs back up stairs. Ax takes another look around but sees everything is where it should be and begins to get dressed.

Trixabella Evergreen awoke to an empty bed where her husband should have been and the sound of stifled sobs. She got up to check all the windows and doors but found them to still be bolted and latched. Trixie then proceeded to the kids room where she found a man standing over her children. The man, she realized, was her missing husband and he was calming the kids down. Samual then turned to his wife and wanted to know what happened but trixie wasn’t too sure herself other than it being a nightmare. She told him she was okay and wandered into the kitchen to get a drink at which time she received a text from Dahlia talking about a strange dream she had just had. Trixie replied “It must be witching hour because I just had a really scary dream too.”

Edward Hamond was the last to come to, being the expert sleeper he was when not employed. He awoke with a start, also to a strangely empty bed, and immediately jumped up to check the windows and doors for signs of an intruder but to no avail. He then entered his living room and turned on the television to see if there was anything relating to his current condition. After being disappointed with the news story he went to his bedroom. Ed then proceeded to get dressed; intending to go to a bar and alleviate some of the stress and fog up his mind.


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