March of the End Days-Multi-System (MtA, GtS-E, VtR, WtF, CtL)

Ax Joins in on the feeding frenzy!
proportionately horse sized.

Nom Nom Nom!
As Avesta and Kira eat their fill Avesta takes the time between bites to chisel out the sapphire gem from the concrete. Ax Steps up pulling all forms of meat to his person and consuming vigorously. The group discusses their journey and decide to travel to Illinois “China”, according to kKra, to see if Bev is still there. after separating her small sapphire arm from the concrete Avesta stores it in a pocket for latter study. The group decides to take a break and compose themselves and wait till dark for the benefit of the Vampires. Vivian wakes up in the tent and tells Liz to bring her some animals, “the fresher the better.” Elizabeth fills him in on the groups decisions and heads out to talk to the chief about aminals. The chief says that after their hunting of the animals the wildlife has become more scarce but he will set some traps for the day. MEANWHILE BACK AT THE JOURNEY-TENT: Ed is still dead. Avesta studies the sapphire while she waits and determines that it was crafted by ancient Atlantians and it is a piece of a larger “puzzle”. Ax decides to meditate to restore harmony to his body and Kira looks for some places of death to pull plasm from.

Night Falls 6:00 pm

Ax awakens from his meditation, Kira returns empty handed, Vivian and Elizabeth go off hunting, and Avesta rubs her hands together impatiently waiting for “portal Time”. Returning from a failed hunting trip the vampire ghoul duo returns to “Portal Time”. Ed finally wakes up and takes a barely conscious Frodo and chucks him into the portal. everyone now in the van with the portal closed decide to drive off, but wait Avesta has Ax’s keys!

After some suggestive heated discussion Vivian tires of the squabble the same time Kira does both use their supernal powers but Vivians is quick acting and hard to resist. Avesta and Kira both go limp, nauseous, and dizzy. Ax rummages around in pockets and pack and finds the keys hidden among Avesta’s belongings. Ax then hops out of the van to inspect the vehicle only to find that the driver front tire and his spare are missing. after scooby-ing the crime scene he picks up a scent that seems familiar and spidery and heads of towards the hoodoo hut. after walking a ways he feels that it is further than he remembered and hears Vivian yell “The huts not there anymore.” and turns around feeling a bit silly. fuming visibly at this point Frodo pours himself onto the dirt ground from the van and makes his way to the tire. he wiggles his fingers and a tire forms from leaves, sticks, rocks, and mud resembling a small wagon wheel. he then lays down and rolls back into the van while Ax starts it and heads off to Old New York to find a tire and some lug nuts. after passing a bumping nightclub the group arrives at the PI/garage of Vivian and Ax and begin sifting through the half of the building that is now rubble. They manage to find 4 lug nuts and a doughnut tire and set to work getting the van reassembled. As Vivian stares off into the ruins of her first home and business a white ceramic shard catches her eye hanging from the kitchen sink and is reminded that she is still owed recompense.

Higher and Higher we go where will we stop nobody Knows!

The group is still watching the make-out session of He-man and Bev, when Vivi begans to look around to try and figure out this location. She notices a few odd things about this building first off its upside down people walking on the roof and the curvature of the roof located below them the design of the building suggest that it is of English architecture.
Then the world changes and the group find themselves in a new location, its a long hallway with only one door and a long line of people heading to said door. Just outside of the door at the front of the line is He-man, Kira heads over to see whats going on, only to run into a large orge exiting the room and buckling up his pants, Kira then returns to tell the group “something odd is going not sure what” (I mean its fairly obvious but whatever :P) Avesta then heads over to look and see within the room is a 4 corner bed she then heads over to open the curtains but is unable to so she sticks her head into to be greeted to a eye full of Bev. waiting for the next person. Avesta then tries to communicate with Bev. to no avail, and with that the world changes yet again. This time He-man is dragging Bev. around the large spacious ballroom by her wrists and appears to be talk to someone in a chair in front of the group, as they go to investigate the person they find out it is Neil Richards. He then says to He-man “you know the deal, your out of time I need her back.”
As the group is watching things change He-man is gone and only Neil and Bev. remain both of which are in rather upset moods. The group finds themselves in a rather cheap apartment which appears to be of European design. Kira heads over to a window to try and figure out where they are looking out she sees bumber to bumber traffic, fires, and people running, Kira then turns to the group and says “we are in New York in the 1950’s we time traveled!”.
As this happens the scene changes again to place the group outside surrounded by fires, floating building chunks, overturned cars, and bodies everywhere. Kira trying again to figure out there location looks around and says :we are in China." Avesta not believing her looks at a few licence plates and determines we are in the U.S. Illinois to be exact. The group hears a voice behind them “Quick this way”, they turn to see a beaten and bloody Neil pulling Bev. with his good arm as the other one is limp and lifeless. As they reach the bottom of the steps Neil turns to Vivi and says “oh shoot”, Vivi about to respond is interrupted by a deep booming voice behind her. The group turn to see a very tall man on a horse, as he enters he says to Neil “FOOLISH HUMANS AND THEIR HOPE, SHE IS MINE!”. The group notice that the man on the horse is wearing what appears to be potato sacks attached to his skin with fish hooks, carrying a whip and a very large club. The horseman says to Neil "YOU WILL HAND HER OVER OR YOU WILL SUFFER!’. Neil trys to protect Bev. but is knocked away by the horseman who then picks up Bev. places her on his horse and rides off leaving a passed out Neil on the side of the building.
Then with a blink of the eye the group is in a very dark room, the only source of light is emanating from a candle in a nearby room. The group enters the room to see some one slouched over on a table with drink in hand, Vivi heads over to discover that the person is Neil and he is holding a bottle of some strange golden liquid and he is staring at an old newspaper picture of Bev. Neil is fully bearded with bandages all over his body and is wearing a orange prison jumpsuit. Suddenly a loud “Bong Bong Bong” noise is heard from outside and Neil then stands up holds up his drink and says Cheerio and takes a drink.
The group then appears to be back in the tent, but the village chief is nowhere to be seen, at which point Kira and Avesta realize they are really hungry like insanely hungry. Looking around the most of the group members are awake save for Vivi and Ed, Kira then heads over the tent door and carefully opens it to see bright sunlight and someone standing outside and over some food on a blanket. Frodo at this point remembers he has snacks and begins to eat only to fall asleep halfway through. Kira then heads over to the 2 vampires and pulls them over to the right side of the tent and Elizabeth covers them best she can with a blanket. The rest of the group begins to eat, while they eat the village chief returns and says to them they have been inside the tent for 11 days, and then he turns to Avesta and hands her a pouch, “I found you some better tools to use on that boulder you are so fond of.”

Has the group finally found Info on Neil?
Will they be able to find Bev?
Who was that Horseman?
What does Neil know?
and will Kira’s sense of direction improve?

The darkness has only begun.

We smokum peace pipe
hey how are you, hey how are you?

As we return to our heroes, Ax is busy deboning clay, Kira is arranging the the skeletons, and Vivian is quietly bleeding for the arrow.
Our guys hear the sound from a tree, and Ed runs over to the tree, uprooting and body slamming it.
Frodo falls out of the tree and runs over to Vivian pulling out the arrow. Elizabeth pulls out knives and throws them at Frodo, nailing him in the face. And Vivian punches him. Frodo cries and holds up the arrow showing that it has a suction cup. He runs off into the woods crying.
Avesta holds up a stone embedded in the concrete, and asks Ax to remove it for her. Ax says he can’t right now because the time is up and the concrete is solid again. She tries to persuade him, and he laughs it off, grabbing her ass before she walks away.
One of the tent flaps opens and the chief comes out, asking why Ed is destroying the tree. “Would you believe it shot an arrow at me?” Ed asks. “No” he replies. Ed shrugs, and goes back to the tree.
The chief thanks us for the help, and promises to give us the information we asked for if we follow him deeper into the forest.
Avesta grabs a pick axe form the pile of tools, and heads off to the woods.
Ed grabs the hoe that Avesta dropped and throws away his tree trunk.
The team follows the chief into the woods at an incredibly sssslllloooowww pace.
Avesta decides to stop and try to excavate the gem from the concrete but fails miserably. With a cry of frustration, she rolls around the on the ground.
The group comes across Frodo and Elizabeth, Frodo is crying, and Elizabeth is pretending to console him, waiting for the chance to get her knife back. Eventually, opportunity strikes and she pulls it from his face, and the wound starts to close.
Avesta again tries to free her stone, successfully breaking off a piece.
A big tent comes in to view, with steam coming out of the roof. Kira tries to push him faster. She fails because as we know, Big Chief strong like Bull.
The group enters the tent, and sits themselves down.
The tent has a big fire pit, with 8 seats, each holding a pipe.
Avesta holds up one of the pipes asking if she can keep it.
The chief says no, they belong to the tribe.
She says, well I did something for your tribe
And he retorts with “you were just the transportation”
He moves about the room, lighting pipes, and as we puff on them, we find ourselves transported to a strange land. Odd trees, erratic sun, etc. A scream resounds, and we turn to look.
There is a hedge, and we see a woman being dragged off by a blue rose. We recognize the woman as Bev, and we follow her. the scenery changes, and suddenly there is stone architecture in front of us. There are stairways going all about, (think of the Escher painting and you will have an idea) the people are various oddities from bull shapes to humanoids.
We follow the girl, and as we attempt to take the stairs, our vision changes again and Vivian falls, landing on her butt.
We now occupy a room with the rose and a sexy He Man.
The rose hands off Bev, and leaves. Ax follows HeMan. Kira tries to touch the rose and her hand passes through her as she turns to smoke.
The next room has HeMan and Bev, who is now wearing a Wedding gown, and her facial features have taken on an elvish quality. The third person in the room is reading a book in a strange language as Bev and the HeMan kiss.

To be continued…

I was an adventurer like you...
Until I took an arrow to the, arm?

Kira with all her ghostly talents to no avail communicates with the 4 spirits. Ax on the other hand comes up right beside her and starts having a conversation like it was nothing. Ax recognize the masks they are wearing to be symbolic of different beasts. Frodo comes up behind Ax while he was having his nice conversation and hits him with this little sword. Vivian not amused standing in the back calls him over like a dog Frodo runs of wanting of a treat but getting nothing. Vivian’s cold heart strikes again leaving nothing in its wake but the suffering of others.

While Ax and the spirit he had been searching for talked. The other 3 looked at kira’s gheist in strange aw that upsets redmist. He tries to slap the closest one but is held back by a mysterious force.

Ax’s conversation takes a turn for the worst as rocks start shaking and shattering as the spirit is getting up set and just keeps on getting more and more so. No matter what Ax just can’t settle him down. But thanks to the quick wit of kira and the power of her sin eater powers she is able to force him to settle down and see reason.

This was the time when Ax is working his magic getting the concrete to puddy. The spirits stand near where they are latched to. Ax tells us about how they got buried alive. So we begin to work digging out the remains. Avesta though can seem to make a simple portal. We continue to work and wait till she finally succeeds at making a portal. OH NO here comes a patrol. Our adventures just make it out of that scrape by the skin of their noses now they need to go. Avesta makes a portal and they get all the bones of the 4 spirits through.

Ax starts getting the bones out of the concrete since a lot of it still is in there. And Kira Starts putting the bodies together singing to her self “The collar bones connected to the shoulder bone”

OH WAIT whats this Vivian got an arrow to the elbow but Ax and Kira were too into their work to notice.

Who are these people who attacked our adventures.
Will the party be OUT matched OUT gunned
Find out NEXT TIME!!

Ghosts, Grenades, Vampires, and a Monkey
or ten!

The group is still trying to climb a mountain of rubble but a Flash light from one of the patrol groups approaches. Kira quickly actives one of her powers to mask her presence, while Vivi covers the flash light in darkness, after fiddling with the non working flash light for a minute the vampire holding it says screw it and orders the others in his group to take point using some power, as they pass they didn’t notice us. However they do find someone a little ways away and quickly dispose of them with a few gun shots and continue on. After they leave Vivi asks Elizabeth and Frodo to assist in holding Kira down and keeping her quite, while Vivi begins to absorb Kiras Pain and wounds to witch Kira flails and wimpers. While this is going on Ed begins to look around from atop the rubble for survivors in the village but only see the enemy vampires setting up camp with their commander atop the flaming horse patrolling the camp. As Ed looks toward the dam he notices movement among the rubble and heads over, he finds the female Nosferatu that wished to speak with us cowering in the rubble, as Ed is speaking with her the bellhop from the hotel and his monkey side kick also come out of the rubble. The rest of the group move over to see what Ed found. As Ed is speaking with the village elder he figures out that she is not an Elder in the tradition sense she is no older a Nosferatu then Ed is, she asks Ed for help in getting out of this place and Ed replies that the group is willing to help in exchange for finding this spirit to which she replies that during construction of this dam many people died and were buried within the walls of concrete. Ed then turns to Kira noticing her ghostly friend and asks if she can help to locate this spirt they seek. Kira then has a brief exchange with her companion to which Vivi responds “Talking to yourself is a bad sign” with a smirk and walks down the rubble. After a few seconds of concentration Kira has located the spirit of friend of Bear and informs the group on which direction to proceed.The group then begins to stealthily climb the rubble “hills” using Eds rope for an easier climb. While climbing the first hill Vivi and Elizabeth are very noisy, alerting the next patrol, as the group climbs Vivi bringing up the rear stumbles on the loose rubble and falls face first but then climbs to her feet and quickly reaches the top. When Vivi reaches the top the next patrol casts there flash light over the rubble and spot Vivi who could not hide quick enough and open fire. After a few seconds of gun fire the patrol stops and yells" come out" to which Ed responds with a grenade that lands right in the middle of the vampire patrol wiping them out in a single blast. Ed and Kira then quickly head down to gather what they can Ed finds a gun and gives it to Ax to replace the one he lost, meanwhile Vivi and Avesta who are still top the rubble notice all the flash lights of the patrol quickly turn and head toward the group. The group then continue the climb on the next “hill” Ed secures the rope atop the next rubble pile and the group begins to climb Avesta is very noisy on this hill and Vivi again slipping on the rubble alerts another patrol only one member heads over to the group finds nothing and rejoins his companions. Vivi again tries to climb up but cant do it so Ed pulls her up with the rope, Ed then goes to secure the rope on the last rubble pile and the group begins to climb it, Kira decides to go up last and nosily falls over. alerting yet another patrol. The patrol comes over scans quickly over the rubble finds nothing then leaves, once Kira makes it to the top Ed and her see the spirits of the dead gathering around a fire of sorts Kira heads over to speak with them to which they stop what they are doing and turn to face her.

How much time will the group have to locate the Spirit?
What could the invaders want?
Will the group be caught again?
or will the patrols finally learn how to search?
Will Kira have more to say then just “Hmm yeah”
or “Sure”?

Darkness Awaits

King of the Hill
... And some awkward flirting.

So we are hiding in a ruble covered area trying to get away from our pursuers who are quickly coming closer. As we wait in despair for our chance to run, we are reminded of the night of Bev and the Evergreens’ murder. We are all filling out basic info on clip boards with a super busy police station full of distracting phone calls about a red flaming horse and a man in red riot gear with a large great sword claiming to be the horseman “War” of the apocalypse. We decide to run to save our lives remembering that as the gates we first entered through fell there was a red rider on a flaming steed leading the charge of goop covered ventrue. So we sneak to a wall and start to try to climb over it. Avesta fails at climbing and Frodo won’t let go of his charge. Vivian is quick and nimble and climbs right up. Frodo and Kira make it to the top eventually where Frodo manages to find time to flirt with Liz. Ed, ax, and Avesta are at the base as a flashlight beam creeps ever closer.

To Smite or Not to Smite...
This Isn't Really the Question.

Ax and Vivian look through Ax’s apartment. They find a syringe with some kind of chemical they also find a pretty bottle filled with something (they don’t know what).

Bloody room: Ed remembers that the person’s name that exploded Dahlia was Uriel. We question the elder as to who he was. He had never heard of the person before but Avesta remembers that Uriel is an angel from the bible. The elder starts to accuse us of bringing this upon his head and his village. Ed heatedly tells him that we had nothing to do with an attack on our own party and how dare he imply such. The elder Kindred heads toward the exit to have a discussion with the other elders about the new events.
Kira is still being dragged in circles through the blood by Frodo

Back to Ax and Vivian: Vivian figures that the syringe is a tranquilizer Ax takes a sniff and he recognizes the smell as one his grandfather used on wolves around his property when he would take the wolves out into the woods to purify them….. Ax sprays the bottle on a towel to smell it; it smells awful. They hear something outside of the room and Ax looks out to see blood along the hallway floor, ceiling, and walls and sees the elder rushing back to the commons. Ax pursues the elder. Vivian goes out into the hallway and into Kira’s room to see Frodo walking around in circles dragging a blood soaked Kira. We discuss what happened with Dahlia and Uriel. Ed tells frodo to drop Kira. Frodo lifts kira off his shoulder and drops her in the mess jumping to the bed to jump around like a child.
Ed tries to investigate and get any scent that he can.
Kira breathes in some of the gunk and starts chocking on it and pukes again.
Ed takes a sample of the blood and tries to fangle a magnifying device.
Frodo rummages through his pack producing a plastic “sting” sword, Gandalf beard, Sherlock hat and finally a magnifying glass and Ed takes it then Frodo gives him the Sherlock hat to make his investigations skills greater however it just makes him look goofy. Then Avesta comes out of the bathroom where she was looking around to see the craziness so she goes over to Kira and kicks her while asking her why she is throwing up again. Kira moans and then goes over to Ed and asks him why he is wearing the ridiculous hat and he points to Frodo. Frodo replies with “he’s my Watson.” Avesta says “so you’re second best to Frodo now eh”? Ed goes over atempting to punch Frodo. Frodo jumps out of the way and over the edge of the bed. Vivian assist Ed in his investigation and finally gives into Elizabeth’s nagging as she cuts her with a throwing weapon and drinks deeply. Vivian reveals information that she has about angel smiting. Ed gets an exceptional success and finds tiny bits of Dahlia, nails, hairs, and cloth fibers.

Ax is still chasing the elder down the hallway the elder disappears through the exit of the inn. Ax sees a bloody commons room and chaos abounding. The population seems to have decreased by thirty percent. He continues to chase the elder outside to the manner. Ax catches up with him and asks him to stop he does and Ax hands him the perfume bottle he found in the room and tells the elder it smells really bad the elder sprays it and it gets on Ax. The elder agrees and gives it back to Ax to present to the elders. The elder and Ax comes to a door the elder tells Ax not to speak and that he cannot guarantee Ax’s safety as they are going into a vampire den.

Group: Frodo pokes his head above the head holding onto the covers as he starts sliding off. He looks to the group with his Gandalf beard on and says “Fly you fools” before falling the the floor. Ed, Vivian, and Avesta leave the room to go to the mansion. We see Frodo run out into the hallway, slide into the wall, run back in and grab Kira, run back out into the hallway slamming against the wall and sprinting down the hall while carrying Kira. Frodo heals Kira again and then rings the bell at the Manor. The elder leaves Ax for a moment to come answer the door and we discuss the bottle of goop and the rooms. The elder tells us to keep quiet and for Ed and Vivian to follow him Avesta follows along as well. Frodo is left on the steps to watch over Kira. The room is pitch black Vivian activates night sight the elder tells the other vampires to calm themselves and that we have important information. Ax brings forth the vial and Vivian takes it to give to the vampires. Vivi notices that the elders also have some goop on them and there numbers are much fewer. As the Elders spray the bottle a few of us are sprayed with the foul smelling stuff. The vampires don’t really believe that it is angels. The vampires ask for our opinion and decide that there will be no more rooms only the commons area and he dismisses us as we head out Frodo bursts through the door and tells us the guard is being overrun. We all race to the courtyard. Ventrue vampires are attacking us. The elders tell everyone to go to the back gate and we all go. An old lady is trying to unlock the gate but drops the key then continues to try. Ax scrambles up the wall in desperation making over with little effort. Kira tries to stand and fails. Ed tries to break down the door and succeeds we all rush through. Ed gets an exceptional success to use the door as a weapon. As we leave we see the city crumble. Everyone takes a hiding spot among the rubble of the hoover dam and the overgrowth and refuse. Frodo helps hide Kira and Elizabeth hides Vivian away from searching parties. as they sit and listen the army starts moving through the rubble looking for survivors and killing those they find.

Is there a doctor in the House??!
Or a blood spatter analyst?

Ed’s new friends decide to pay the cost and get hammered figuring that they will just throw it up in the morning like the good old days. Ax and Avesta are asleep having nice dreams.
Vivian goes outside and has a look around finding everything “abandoned” except for the wall with the 6 guards and heads back in and to the bar. in the bar Dahlia and Kira decide to join Ed in his drinking fun. Dahlia takes it easy with a nice simple beer but Kira decides to follow Ed and take 7 shots of increasingly flammable moonshine. Ed feels the effects of hindered perceptions and clouded thought but has no other ill effects. Kira immediately regrets this decision and feels her liver dissolving into a slimy paste. She vomits. Ax is awoken by the “escort” as she is beginning to steal his stuff and as soon as Ax catches her and she looks back she vanishes. outraged Ax marches to the bell hop and strangles his monkey seeing as he is not currently present. After letting go of the monkey it runs off screeching to fetch it’s master. Once he arrives Ax demands to get his items back. Baffled the bell hop denies any involvement in the theft and after flushing out some major and minor details heads off to get the all knowing elders. Ed and Kira have since fallen off their seats onto the floor( Kira puking again) and Vivian overhears a conversation about a virus of some sort that is infecting and killing kindred. Vivian worried about this ponders while the drinking buddies continue to laugh. as Ax makes his ruckus the bar friends join him and follow him as they head to the Elders. Avesta wakes and joins them just as the bellhop decides they need the elders. The bellhop and his monkey head up the stairs to the Elder’s mansion and ring the bell. After a full minute the head elder who sentenced Ed appears. the group explains and showing a great deal of anger the elder marches towards the inn. By the way Kira at this point cannot walk and is being pulled around carelessly by Frodo. upon entering the inn the Elder screams at an unfathomable volume calling his mages to him. they all enter the bellhops desk chamber and leave the group in the commons room where everyone is now muttering. the Elder can still be heard through the soundproof wall that the mages erected. the Elder emerges with trembling mages in tow and states “We have a serious problem, I think we have been infiltrated.” Kira miraculously through the drunken haze offers up her key saying she has yet to use it. the elder snatches it from her and marches off to the rooms telling Ax to check his for any clues they may have left behind. Vivian, Elizabeth and Ax head to his room while the elder and his mages, Ed, Avesta, Dahlia, and Frodo with Kira dragging behind head to Kira’s unopened room. the elder opens the door leaving the mages in the hall. Avesta, Ed, Dahlia, Frodo and Kira enter the room. The elder given direction by Avesta heads to the bathroom with the others right behind but what they find is an empty tub, dry, no candles, no flower petals, and no sexy hunk. Frodo has decided to parade around in a circle in the main room by the bed with Kira’s limp body. as Avesta and the elder investigate the tub, dahlia standing behind Ed who is shoulder to shoulder with elder man, feels a hand on her shoulder gentle as can be. Before she has a chance to turn around or respond she hears a calm melodious voice say “you are not worthy” and she experiences complete darkness as her life is ended in a silent explosion. A Dahlia slushy now coats and drips down the walls, ceiling, Ed, the elder, Kira, and the floor. no traces of fingernails, bones, hair, or clothing can be found but as Avesta and Ed investigate this paste that has suddenly appeared they realize Dahlia in no longer of this world. Meanwhile Frodo never missing a beat to his march is now squishing the Dahlia pudding into the rug and dragging Kira Through it giving her a nice even coating of muck.

Pride and P-residence
The lowered guards

When we last left our party they were scattered about the town half looking for a place to sleep for the night and half tracking down a blood merchant. After meeting back up, the lot notices Elizabeth is eyeing Vivian longingly as the addictive quality of the blood pact starts to take it’s toll. Avesta hassles Liz in a crass format about the addiction, while Ed scoffs the mention and tells her to leave it be as everyone has their vices in the group. Frodo shortly meets back up with the party with a very changed note in personality looking at his feet seeming depressed and clinging to Eds side as if his child.

Shortly following, the party makes their way along following the drifting direction of people to an outhouse looking box. Avesta recognizes the box as a mage construct and cheerfully bops her way over. The party gets in line and while the rest of the lot doesn’t seem to have a problem with the direction, Ax isn’t having it. He begins to resist the flow of traffic before Kira starts to push him. The shoving leads into a disjointed chain which leads to several members of the party crashing through the doors in a comedic fashion. Avesta, shortly following, attacks kira with her familiar for not sharing her story and causing unneeded damage to the group because of it.

After entering the box, the interior looks quite a bit larger from the inside, bearing a similar resemblance to the Ritz. Ed begins looking around and wanders right off the bat into an Irish Pub looking environment. He takes a moment to sigh as a wave of nostalga hits him. Being a vampire, he can’t drink anymore. In the corner of the bar however, he spots a party of 9 nosferatu.

Meanwhile the rest of the party wanders off to track down lodging for the evening. After a moment of searching, they come upon a bellhop who informs the group that here, bartering is done with Dreams only. The group attempts to negotiate out of the trade, not wanting to dabble in memory loss, but are not successful.

Ed meanwhile has no problem exchanging bad memories as he happens to be in ample supply. For 10 drinks he opts to trade in exchange the previously ingrained memories of the slaughtered image of his wife, best friend and Sam’s two children. While he still remembers the lot is no longer alive (Or potentially in bev’s case could be alive) the specific memory of their corpses are gone forever. The Giant bar keep and his apprentice seal the trade and hand over a ridiculously heavy tray of glasses made entirely from stone. Ed takes the tray and manages it over to the lot of nosferatu to pick their brains about the flavor of the town… and to just drink in decent company.

Apparently, every sect of supernatural creature has it’s own job within the town. Changelings seem to be the hagglers and merchants, and geists, being the most rounded, tend to be spread in more varied positions. In general though, werewolves serve as labor force and day police, mages as jacks of all trade, building architects and logistics, and finally Vampires as night police with their elders as city government. The town was developed shortly after the fall of the Dam and due to the intense variety held within the walls, racism and bigotry are snuffed out quickly. More drinking antics continue as the topic of conversation begins to drift from politics to less formal matters.

Kira meanwhile does some wandering herself and finds herself in the red light district, where there happens to be several flavors of extremely good looking half naked “entertainers” taking up corners near doorways. He doesn’t spend long there before exiting and finding himself in the same pub Ed’s in. Looking around he notices Frodo juggling bottles of liquor with the Barkeep’s apprentice and Ed laughing and carrying on in a bolsterous format with the other nosferatu. Looking in one corner of the room he sees a lone fellow geist having a glass of water, an old man being pressured on by his ghost for something more fun and entertaining. Kira’s ghost mentions that the old man doesn’t look long for this world and mutters something about putting the geezer out of his misery. Kira brushes off the mention and goes to order a drink but being overwhelmed with choices ends up with a cup of tea.

Meanwhile having received each of the party member’s respective rooms, they settle down in their digs and relax a bit. Some gave up their most precious dream others are waiting until morning to “pay” Entering each of the rooms gives off a lovely feel of freshness that is uncommon in the waking world. Each room is customized to the needs of the key owners including a second bed in vivi and Liz’s room. Relaxing is put aside however as noise extends from the bathrooms of each of the rooms. Looking into the matter, the party finds people in each of their respective rooms! Naked people no less! Who have been apparently placed there for the party’s entertainment! El Gasp! Awkward introductions are carried out and after some less than clean washroom chit chat the various members of the party either decide to join the bath or leave it be.

While Vivian isn’t interested being a dead person, she allows Liz to have her fun.

Trixie dismisses the escort wanting nothing to do with it.

Ax joins in.

(insert rest of party’s actions here)

And for once in a long while, the party allows themselves to take a spot of respite for the first time in too long.

Law and Order NJU
Nosferatu Judgement Unit

We open on our heroes getting ready for the trial. Dahlia, Kira, and Frodo, our midget druggie, are sitting in the holding cell. Kira starts looking at ways to escape from the room she finds herself in. Inspecting the door, she discovers that the lock is not very secure, and dahlia decides to try and pick it, failing miserably. (She’s high, it makes sense) Elizabeth attempts the same thing (also high) and fails as well. Frodo the micro ninja hears the cheers and applause from the court arena and walks over towards the bars, squeezes through them like Mr Fantastic, then runs off.
Meanwhile, in the courtroom, Ed is standing in front of a council of 8 kindred 6 of which were ventrue.
He smiles at them grotesquely, and waits for questions.
The one leading the questioning, asks his name and purpose. Before he begins speaking a door bursts open and Frodo charges in telling him to continue and goes to center stage to perform his story. Ed gives his information, and begins speaking of his history.
[insert backstory]
The questioning vampire then asks who we are, and what our purpose is.
Ed tells him that we are venturing into this village in search of friend of bears. He tells him that we were sent by a tribe in Colorado to find his remains and return them to the people so that he may rest.
The vampire is not satisfied with this, and says begin sentencing.
A voice rises up from the crowd, and Jeremy Hunt makes his way to the front of the court room. Saying that the man on trial has not yet been given a chance to defend himself. And that he has witnesses on his behalf.
He turns to gesture towards them and stops in his tracks seeing Vivian.
Where have you been? He asks…
[insert back story]
Vivian then testifies on the natural habits of the Nosferatu.
The lead council member states that they will take this into consideration, and asks to hear the testimony from the others.
Trixie steps forward to give information on her story
[insert backstory]
The vampire asks what information she has to defend edward.
She claims that Ed was driven crazy by frodo’s antics and was unable to restrain himself.
You are dismissed says the vampire.
Next witness! Calls the vampire
Ax steps up, and gives his testimony [backstory] and then provides information on Ed’s character and how Frodo tends to be incredibly frustrating. Interrupting several times, Avesta, causing fury to build in the head councilman she is dismissed and escorted from the courtroom.
The Ventru councilman gives his verdict, saying that we are free, and being entertained by frodo’s court room story interpretive acting assigns Frodo to Ed’s side in hopes of cheering Ed up. If it is unsatisfactory, then they will send vamps after us.
Reunited, Frodo decides that dahlia needs more drugs to tell her story. Dahlia resists (mainly because Frodo sucks at drug pushing) but she agrees to tell her story
[insert backstory]
During the story Frodo starts crying, and Ed looks at him immensely pleased.
Frodo then looks at Kira and asks for her story.
She refuses, saying that she will tell it once we are all together again.
We then head back up the stairs towards our gear.
Frodo runs ahead, grabs Kira’s katana hopping around like Yoda with a lightsaber. He unintentionally cuts Vivian with the katana, dealing minor damage. A white mist starts filling the room; seeming to emanate from Vivian.
Vivi tries to dominate Kira into telling her story. Kira just shrugs off the mental attack, and then suffers a slice at the hands of ninja Frodo.
Everyone but Ed and Kira go outside so that they don’t get attacked.
Ed walks up to Frodo to stop his running and flailing. Performing exceptionally well, he grabs The sword with one hand, and grabs his hair with the other. Ed bites into frodo’s neck drinking deep his blood is nauseatingly sweet, but blood is blood, and Ed gets what he needs. From grabbing the sword, he takes a gash on the hand.
Ed then turns Frodo around and informs him that if he attacks the group again, that he would take the rest of his blood.
As the party inside starts to leave, one of the Nosferatu approaches and asks about the body that we are looking for. She says that she will have to speak with some of the elders who have been here for a long time.
“Will this be a meeting with Ventru company” “yes” she replies. And leaves.
The group decides to split up, some of them needing sleep. Ax, Trixie, and dahlia decide to go find a place to sleep.
The rest are going to look around the town for Fangtasia.
Ax asks one of the marketplace guys where he can find an inn. He is told there is one behind the manor.
And that’s where they head.
Meanwhile, the vamps start looking for a blood donor club of some sort.
They are able to find a vamp at a stall laden with ice chests.
The ice chests are filled with blood, and the overly enthusiastic salesman tries to get everyone to buy some blood.
Vivian and Ed buy a bag of blood. Cow and chicken respectively.
They trade for bullets and a flickering flashlight.
The vamp throws in an extra bag because the light flickers creepily
Elizabeth turns to Vivian and says “it’s almost time”
Kira nudges Vivian and winks. Liz turns and slaps Kira and says “I need sustenance!”

To be continued….


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