March of the End Days-Multi-System (MtA, GtS-E, VtR, WtF, CtL)

Higher and Higher we go where will we stop nobody Knows!

The group is still watching the make-out session of He-man and Bev, when Vivi begans to look around to try and figure out this location. She notices a few odd things about this building first off its upside down people walking on the roof and the curvature of the roof located below them the design of the building suggest that it is of English architecture.
Then the world changes and the group find themselves in a new location, its a long hallway with only one door and a long line of people heading to said door. Just outside of the door at the front of the line is He-man, Kira heads over to see whats going on, only to run into a large orge exiting the room and buckling up his pants, Kira then returns to tell the group “something odd is going not sure what” (I mean its fairly obvious but whatever :P) Avesta then heads over to look and see within the room is a 4 corner bed she then heads over to open the curtains but is unable to so she sticks her head into to be greeted to a eye full of Bev. waiting for the next person. Avesta then tries to communicate with Bev. to no avail, and with that the world changes yet again. This time He-man is dragging Bev. around the large spacious ballroom by her wrists and appears to be talk to someone in a chair in front of the group, as they go to investigate the person they find out it is Neil Richards. He then says to He-man “you know the deal, your out of time I need her back.”
As the group is watching things change He-man is gone and only Neil and Bev. remain both of which are in rather upset moods. The group finds themselves in a rather cheap apartment which appears to be of European design. Kira heads over to a window to try and figure out where they are looking out she sees bumber to bumber traffic, fires, and people running, Kira then turns to the group and says “we are in New York in the 1950’s we time traveled!”.
As this happens the scene changes again to place the group outside surrounded by fires, floating building chunks, overturned cars, and bodies everywhere. Kira trying again to figure out there location looks around and says :we are in China." Avesta not believing her looks at a few licence plates and determines we are in the U.S. Illinois to be exact. The group hears a voice behind them “Quick this way”, they turn to see a beaten and bloody Neil pulling Bev. with his good arm as the other one is limp and lifeless. As they reach the bottom of the steps Neil turns to Vivi and says “oh shoot”, Vivi about to respond is interrupted by a deep booming voice behind her. The group turn to see a very tall man on a horse, as he enters he says to Neil “FOOLISH HUMANS AND THEIR HOPE, SHE IS MINE!”. The group notice that the man on the horse is wearing what appears to be potato sacks attached to his skin with fish hooks, carrying a whip and a very large club. The horseman says to Neil "YOU WILL HAND HER OVER OR YOU WILL SUFFER!’. Neil trys to protect Bev. but is knocked away by the horseman who then picks up Bev. places her on his horse and rides off leaving a passed out Neil on the side of the building.
Then with a blink of the eye the group is in a very dark room, the only source of light is emanating from a candle in a nearby room. The group enters the room to see some one slouched over on a table with drink in hand, Vivi heads over to discover that the person is Neil and he is holding a bottle of some strange golden liquid and he is staring at an old newspaper picture of Bev. Neil is fully bearded with bandages all over his body and is wearing a orange prison jumpsuit. Suddenly a loud “Bong Bong Bong” noise is heard from outside and Neil then stands up holds up his drink and says Cheerio and takes a drink.
The group then appears to be back in the tent, but the village chief is nowhere to be seen, at which point Kira and Avesta realize they are really hungry like insanely hungry. Looking around the most of the group members are awake save for Vivi and Ed, Kira then heads over the tent door and carefully opens it to see bright sunlight and someone standing outside and over some food on a blanket. Frodo at this point remembers he has snacks and begins to eat only to fall asleep halfway through. Kira then heads over to the 2 vampires and pulls them over to the right side of the tent and Elizabeth covers them best she can with a blanket. The rest of the group begins to eat, while they eat the village chief returns and says to them they have been inside the tent for 11 days, and then he turns to Avesta and hands her a pouch, “I found you some better tools to use on that boulder you are so fond of.”

Has the group finally found Info on Neil?
Will they be able to find Bev?
Who was that Horseman?
What does Neil know?
and will Kira’s sense of direction improve?

The darkness has only begun.


So another horseman appears its not war as we saw him already my guess is its pestilence, but only time will tell.
I do wish Kira would leave the “locating our location” to the professionals :P Judging by the locations in the visions I would say our next stop is Europe maybe England? Or perhaps Illinois? will have to discuss it among ourselves to set our course, regardless should be interesting.


This horseman is interesting I wonder when or where we are going to run into him….. I am going to get the darn sparkly thingy out of this rock if I have to pound it all day and night. Teehee that’s what he said…


What lazy vampires they are and such a beautiful day :P


“you work that sparkly thing girl”
I think that we should head for Illinois…worst case is it’s the wrong spot, but much closer than Europe…

Forerunner093 Duobuster

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