March of the End Days-Multi-System (MtA, GtS-E, VtR, WtF, CtL)

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Location: Kira’s Appartment
9:15 p.m.
Kira and Dahlia are busy looking for the mysterious backpack that Kira recieved from Richards, they find it under Kira’s bed they exchange looks and decided to wait till they are with the others to look inside. When they are about to leave to meet up with the others Kira finally remembers to go get her weapons so they make a quick stop at Vivian’s. When they arrive they pick the lock and collect Kira’s bag then they relock the door and head for the beckman towers.

Location: Beckman Towers Parking Garage
10:00 p.m.
Kira and Dahlia pull up in the parking garage, Ed walks over after making some final adjustments to the car blocking the elevator, he briefs Dahlia, and the group discusses what their next course of action will be. The group suddenly remembers the backpack and Ed gives it a once over to check for traps, finding none the group opens the backpack to to find 2 grenades, 2 folders, and 2 clips of ammo, which Ed realizes are the same items confiscated by the police! After empting the backpack Dahlia goes to pick the lock on the door, it was open >.<
Ed takes the lead and the group heads inside.

You enter the ground floor lobby of the Beekman tower to use the stairs since the elevators are out of order. Minimal lights are on maybe only enough for security or cleaning. All the lobby security computers are off and not a single person is present aside from your group. As you look around you can see that the elevator lights are on. Moving over to them you press the button with the up arrow and wait for the elevator to arrive. There is a loud ding followed by a dull scraping sound as the doors slide apart. As you begin to step forward to the elevator you notice the floor is missing and you can see down to the giant elevator springs. Assuming it might be an illusion or just reinforced glass Ed grabs a quarter from his pocket and tosses it into the elevator. Expecting to here a clink and the quarter to be floating on the floor you’re surprised to see it fall straight through and bounce off one of the springs. Still not convinced the floor is truly gone ed steps out holding onto the walls and attempts to step on the glass. As he lowers his foot he meets no resistance and nearly falls into the elevator shaft. Giving up you all look around for the stair well finding it right next to the elevators. Being as silent as you can you approach the stairwell to begin your ascent. Not noticing the infrared trip laser Ed storms through to grab the handle and just as he makes contact with it he hears a loud ka-chunk and is met with an immovable door. Without any audible alarms a team of four of what looks like SWAT team members come around a corner and into the lobby with weapons raised. Roll initiative.

Location: Beckman Towers Lobby

A Random Swat Team Appears!

One of the swat member takes a shot at Elizabeth
Kira Sprints to the fountain and ducks behind one of the walls
Elizabeth turns and fires a shot at the swat members
Vivi moves toward the fountain next to Kira
Another swat memeber fires a shot at Kira
Trixi following the others moves up to the fountain
A third swat member moves along the lobby entrance doors and fires a shot at Vivi
The fourth Swat member chucks a grenade which smacks Kira right in the face and falls near her
Dahlia readies her blade and crouches
Ax fires a shot at one of the swat members
Ed moves up to the front of the fountain
The last Swat member moves up and fires at Kira
Kira picks up the grenade and sends it back to the swat team
Elizabeth moves up and takes a shot at the swat team
Vivi moves right next to the fountain and readies her gun
The first swat member moves up to Ed and fires at him
Trixi shoots at a swat enemy
The enemy near the doors moves farther along them and fires at Vivi
The third swat member picks up the returned grenade and continues the game of “hot potato” and throws it into the fountain where it goes off
Dahlia moves up to the fountain
Ax moves up and fires
Ed moves up to a near by swat member and tries to grab them and throw them into the fountain
The last enemy throws another grenade at Vivi
Kira draws her gun
Elizabeth moves up and fires
Vivi moves back
The enemy grappling with Ed gets the upper hand and drags him toward the other swat members
Trixi readies her crossbow and fires at an enemy hitting him in the chest
The third enemy throws yet another grenade at Vivi
Dahlia moves closer to Ed
Ax also moves up to Ed and fires his gun
Ed manages to escape from the enemy
The fourth enemy takes a shot at AX
Kira moves over and fires
Elizabeth also fires a shot off
Vivi tries to pick up the nearby grenade and fails
Ed gets grabbed again and pulled closer to the other swat members
Trixi fires another crossbow shot
Dahlia jumps over the edge of the fountain and lands right next to Ed and throws her blade at the swat member near the front doors
Ax seeing the blade hit the enemy moves over to them and grabs it and attempts to twist it in but is unable to do so
Ed grabs one of his grenades pulls the pin and drops it.

Will this battle end in our heroes favor?
Will they have to fight more enemies as they climb the tower?
Will they be able to save their kidnapped loved ones?
Will Vivi quit being a grenade magnet?
Where was Trixi keeping that crossbow?!
and where are the Horseshoes promised by the title?!

Darkness Awaits


Me: I’m going to start keeping horseshoes to beat people with. That’d be a fun throwing weapons. Also is it me or are our dice rolls really sucking?

Ed: I have the unmistakable urge to kick this grenade at my feet toward Vivi. Hrm… Decisions…

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

I can’t wait to finish some people off with my crossbow I feel like killing the people who have taken my family! I also hate how long it take for this dang crossbow to reload but oh well. I hope tht Vivi doesn’t die and that one swat guy that hasn’t done anything is kind of weird.

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
Forerunner093 Forerunner093

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