March of the End Days-Multi-System (MtA, GtS-E, VtR, WtF, CtL)

Zombies Arisen

Week 2:

Trixie talks to herself trying to find out any info but she gets none.
Ed runs into his character who is going to his Beekman tower appointment and knocks him over and puts his phone (which is recording) in his zombie self’s pocket and takes the other phone.
Kira is hacking into the camera system at the mall to surveil his character. His character takes out an Uzi and opens fire. It was at noon and it was a big mall and she killed 20 people.
Vivi goes to the Beekman tower and convinces the security guard to let her into the building by saying she forgot something inside. She finds that he made two appointments in the same week and none the next.
Dahlia went to an alley to see herself with her mouth all bloody and she spits something out of her mouth as a man runs away cussing.
Ax convinces his past self to hire him on as temporary help seeing as hoe “she” passed all the test questions past Ax gave her.
Trixie tries to call everyone’s zombies to get info but no one answers.
Ed monitors (sitting in a park bench) the tower and watches for Neal’s vehicle he drives a red Lamborghini. He follows the vehicle which goes to the black cat night club. Neal stays for an hour and leaves going right back to the Beekman tower.
Kira follows her other self. Her character looses her but finds her and sees that she is going to vivis’ house.
Vivi goes to the library to see if there is anything supernatural. He only gets vague answers about other cultures and second hand accounts of strange happenings similar to their zombified states.
Dahlia goes to a strange seedy part of town she gets attacked and stabs her attacker. She sees her self coming out of the black cat with a fired slip.
Ax goes through the appointment books to find everything after his Grandfathers Birthday completely open not a single appointment.
Trixie places her phone on record to listen to her conversations. She hears her husband and kids trying to talk to her but she doesn’t respond her husband threatens her with a divorce.
Ed places a bag over his head and goes to the tower to mess with the OCD lady. He intimidates her. He thinks she is going to tell him that Neal uses zombified people to sell them at the black cat. She actually says he is normal and just goes to the bar to get drunk and that’s all she knows while she is crying.
Vivi tails himself to the subway. 20 guys show up which are part of a street gang who rob people. Vivi kills them all after using some of their own guns and reloading a couple times but he doesn’t get hurt at all.
Kira has dogs help her tail herself. Kira was in the subway as well and stands at the train platform waiting for a train and also manages not to get hurt.
Dahlia finds she has nothing to eat she kills rats and dogs to eat.
Ax had nothing scheduled in the shop today. This may seem odd to those who don’t know him, but his friends know this is always a bad day. It’s his grandfathers birthday.
Rising before the sun, Ax cooked himself a hearty breakfast knowing he would need the energy for what lay ahead. He got into his truck and headed back his home town to the woods where his grandfather had been buried. He cleared the area of debris and set up a small fire, adding various incense like Big Bear taught him. He then sat down with his legs crossed and closed his eyes to reminisce about his relative. Smelling the fire, the forest, and the herbs he was burning, he let the memories wash over him. Specifically the first tattoo he received from Big Bear. It is a merely patterned band around his ankle, but it was the symbol of him attaining manhood in his grandfathers eyes. The pain he felt from the repeated hammering was dwarfed by the swelling of pride in his heart. When he opened his eyes the fire had gone out and he watched his past self stand and walk to his vehicle. Female Ax gets in and they drive off towards new york and Beekman tower.

End of week 2:

The group finds themselves back at the parking garage being watched once again by you. As the final person arrives you see a tall man in a black trench coat and hat materialize out of the shadows between the elevators. He approaches your past selves and begins talking with them. He gradually gets frustrated and starts grabbing people’s faces and staring into their eyes. After each person he grabs he says “good” lingering a little longer with Ed and Dahlia then he begins walking back to the cars. When he passes the pinto he turns to you and says “Hang in there we’ll get this.” then he winks and melts into a shadow and disappears. As before, your past selves enter the elevator and you follow them up in the neighboring one. This time when they leave it seems that the folders have acquired a bit more bulk. You see something strange as Neil and Chance leave the office, they are holding the hands of Kira and Vivian respectively. As Chance and Vivi wander off, Vivian gets ahead of him in order to catch up with the others and her hand falls effortlessly out of Chance’s. As before, Neil hangs back even longer pulling Kira closer outside the office door and kissing her deeply. As the two separate the blank stare and glossy eyes that Kira pays him with and the absence of a smile is as good as it’s going to get this night as far as payback goes. They all leave as usual with Kira tearing her hand away from him and jogging off to meet the others. Once again you pass by the pinto as the digital clock face turns from 3:04 to 3:05 am.


Week 3:

Ed stakes out Neal’s romantic side. He finds that he rents a VIP section and has his entourage fetch desirable people.
Kira is tailing herself and sees herself tossing something out of her car but can’t tell what it is.
Trixie writes a letter to her husband saying that she loves him and that he is going to have to give her more time and that they need a new therapist.
Dahlia eats out of a dumpster to find sides to go with her ally animals.
Vivi convinces Elizabeth that she works with Vivian’s therapist and convinces her to take her out for a while. he searches the house. Elizabeth gives male Vivian her number.
Ax watches and Meditates with his past self after returning to the forest and sees himself grow more and more wild with each passing hour.


So it would seem that we are nearing the end of our quest, I wonder if we will have the strength to battle whatever lies in wait ahead. I guess only time will tell, but I for one am excited to see what shape our characters will take and how interesting they will be. XD

Zombies Arisen

I have a really bad feeling that my husband and I won’t make it through this. I really miss my children too but thinking about them is to hard right now.

Zombies Arisen
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