March of the End Days-Multi-System (MtA, GtS-E, VtR, WtF, CtL)

Ax Joins in on the feeding frenzy!

proportionately horse sized.

Nom Nom Nom!
As Avesta and Kira eat their fill Avesta takes the time between bites to chisel out the sapphire gem from the concrete. Ax Steps up pulling all forms of meat to his person and consuming vigorously. The group discusses their journey and decide to travel to Illinois “China”, according to kKra, to see if Bev is still there. after separating her small sapphire arm from the concrete Avesta stores it in a pocket for latter study. The group decides to take a break and compose themselves and wait till dark for the benefit of the Vampires. Vivian wakes up in the tent and tells Liz to bring her some animals, “the fresher the better.” Elizabeth fills him in on the groups decisions and heads out to talk to the chief about aminals. The chief says that after their hunting of the animals the wildlife has become more scarce but he will set some traps for the day. MEANWHILE BACK AT THE JOURNEY-TENT: Ed is still dead. Avesta studies the sapphire while she waits and determines that it was crafted by ancient Atlantians and it is a piece of a larger “puzzle”. Ax decides to meditate to restore harmony to his body and Kira looks for some places of death to pull plasm from.

Night Falls 6:00 pm

Ax awakens from his meditation, Kira returns empty handed, Vivian and Elizabeth go off hunting, and Avesta rubs her hands together impatiently waiting for “portal Time”. Returning from a failed hunting trip the vampire ghoul duo returns to “Portal Time”. Ed finally wakes up and takes a barely conscious Frodo and chucks him into the portal. everyone now in the van with the portal closed decide to drive off, but wait Avesta has Ax’s keys!

After some suggestive heated discussion Vivian tires of the squabble the same time Kira does both use their supernal powers but Vivians is quick acting and hard to resist. Avesta and Kira both go limp, nauseous, and dizzy. Ax rummages around in pockets and pack and finds the keys hidden among Avesta’s belongings. Ax then hops out of the van to inspect the vehicle only to find that the driver front tire and his spare are missing. after scooby-ing the crime scene he picks up a scent that seems familiar and spidery and heads of towards the hoodoo hut. after walking a ways he feels that it is further than he remembered and hears Vivian yell “The huts not there anymore.” and turns around feeling a bit silly. fuming visibly at this point Frodo pours himself onto the dirt ground from the van and makes his way to the tire. he wiggles his fingers and a tire forms from leaves, sticks, rocks, and mud resembling a small wagon wheel. he then lays down and rolls back into the van while Ax starts it and heads off to Old New York to find a tire and some lug nuts. after passing a bumping nightclub the group arrives at the PI/garage of Vivian and Ax and begin sifting through the half of the building that is now rubble. They manage to find 4 lug nuts and a doughnut tire and set to work getting the van reassembled. As Vivian stares off into the ruins of her first home and business a white ceramic shard catches her eye hanging from the kitchen sink and is reminded that she is still owed recompense.


I will never forget that mug it was my favorite :(

Well now that we have a tire of sorts we should get a move on I believe we had agreed to locate Neil first and find out what he knows given that vision it is certainly much more then we know right now. That tire we got wont last too long so hopefully we either look for another now or try to find one in our next location given that we didnt see outside location in that vision, there is a chance that that place is still in good shape which could mean we can find what we need easily. (But given our luck i doubt it :P)
Looking back on a few things I am a bit concerend about that blood ilness, could be a problem down the road if Ed and myself are not careful, oh and I wonder if it had anything to do with that attack by ventrues at the settlement?

Ax Joins in on the feeding frenzy!

Get over it DUDE lol life is to busy to worry about a mug especially for an immortal :P

Ax Joins in on the feeding frenzy!

I’m gladebi finally got the thing out. Booyah

Ax Joins in on the feeding frenzy!
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